The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys environmental policy statement

EnvironmentWe believe that we all have a duty to minimise the environmental impact of our activities in the most practical way possible. Accordingly, we are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness to our staff and to our members, wherever we can.

We strive to minimise office waste and to maximise energy efficiency. We recycle all paper and office waste where possible, including the recycling of confidential shredded waste, and staff are encouraged to re-use paper and other office materials. All staff, volunteers and email recipients are encouraged to minimise printing. All staff are made aware of this “green practice” and encouraged to contribute to our desire to be environmentally friendly.  

We are committed to reviewing our business processes and finding ways to reduce further any environmental impact of these processes, whilst maintaining the necessary professional level of service and delivery. As one example of this, we are advocating the use of webinars, in order to eliminate to a large extent the need for travel and thus reducing the carbon footprints of our office and of our members.  

A large part of our work involves running educational and social events at an appropriate cost to our members and guests. Whilst this necessarily involves the consumption of energy on several levels, our policy is to minimise the use of paper at our events and where possible, copies of presentations and literature are only offered electronically.  We restrict the use of laminated material and try to make sure that products used at events are eco-friendly.  

We encourage our members and those with whom we do business to be environmentally aware and to consider their own environmental policy and actions.  We intend to ask all future suppliers to assist us where possible in the procurement of sustainable products.  

This policy will be subject to continuing review to maintain relevance to current green issues and technologies as they develop.  



Keven Bader
Chief Executive  

03 February 2014

Many CITMA members are interested by ecological matters and corporate social responsibility. Some firms of patent and Trade Mark attorneys have published policies on these issues and a selection is listed below of the relevant webpages of some firms, in alphabetical order, who have given their permission to be listed here. It is not a complete list of environmentally conscious firms, simply a convenient grouping for the benefit of those members who are considering developing or revising their own policies. If you would like your firm to be listed here, or removed from this list, or if you spot a broken link, then please get in touch with us at

Beck Greener 
Marks & Clerk 
Mathys & Squire
Stephens Hewlett & Perkins
Venner Shipley 
WP Thompson