Anti-Counterfeiting: Practice and Procedure

anti-c-book-300x200Anti-Counterfeiting: Practice and Procedure by Ralph Wehrle

Intellectual property crime has grown in scope, scale and complexity with the ease and reach of digital commerce. Counterfeit goods now make up 10% of global trade and continues to grow by 15.6% every year. In 2013 counterfeit trade, according to the OECD, cost the UK government and taxpayers an estimated £3.8bn in unclaimed tax revenue.

Recognising this major challenge for rights holders, CITMA have published Anti-Counterfeiting: Practice and Procedure, which has been authored by Briffa partner Ralph Wehrle. This book provides a detailed overview of the sources of law relating on the practice and procedure of anti-countering in the United Kingdom, whilst also providing substantial and comprehensive expert analysis.

As a single point of reference on anti-counterfeiting law and practice, the first chapter provides the reader with clear and authoritative advice on developing and implementing an anti-counterfeiting programme. Whilst the remaining chapters go on to deliver practical commentary on pursing criminal and civil proceeding, engaging with Border Force, HMRC and Trading Standards and undertaking online enforcement action.

Not only will this book become the leading and most used work of reference in this field, this book represents excellent value and will undoubtedly find its way onto the desks and shelves of most intellectual property practitioners, as well as brand protection and anti-counterfeiting managers in industry.

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Book review by:
Mark Bearfoot
Brand Protection Manager EMEA
Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd