Go head-to-head with some of the best quiz minds in the IP profession.

Join us at Salsa! for an evening of friendly competition, delicious food, good drinks and an exciting raffle.

Last year we had more than 20 teams competing for the coveted CITMA trophy with UDL finishing victorious.

Click here to look at last years’ quiz.

Don’t miss out on an evening of fun to support good causes.

What you'll need:

  • A team of up to six people
  • A clever team name
  • Your quiz A-game
  • A chosen charity

Entry is £155 per team. Half of the evening’s proceeds will go to the winning team’s chosen charity. We’ll put the other half into the CITMA Benevolent Fund.

We’re asking every team to donate a raffle prize. In exchange, we’ll give you 12 free raffle tickets. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can purchase more tickets on the night.

Please note:

  • Arrive at 5.30pm for a prompt start at 6pm
  • If you would prefer to help than play, please get in touch. We always need more quiz sheet markers
  • Be ready to submit a prize to be included in our raffle
  • Pay by credit/debit card via our online registration only
  • Pro-forma invoices aren’t available
  • Closing date for all registrations is 31st January 2020
  • Terms and conditions apply

Last year's questions

  1. To which four-legged creature did Donald Trump compare his former legal advisor, Michael Cohen, in December 2018? 
  2. Which name is given to the group of sports in which competitiors use navigation aids to race each other against the clock?
  3. In 1974. Jill Viner became the first woman to do what for London Transport? 
  4. Which English playwright was murdered in Deptford tavern in 1593? 
  5. What connects: Earl of Derby, Marquess of Salisbury, Viscount Melbourne, and Duke of Wellington?
  6. In the Sieckmann case, to what spice did the application's description "balsamically fruity with a slight hint of specific spice" refer?
  7. How many squares are found on a standard Scrabble board? 
  8. What is the largest country by area that only has one time zone? 


Last year's answers

  1. A rat
  2. Orienteering
  3. Drive a bus
  4. Christopher Marlowe
  5. 19th-century British prime ministers
  6. Cinnamon 
  7. 225
  8. Oslo
  9. China

We look forward to seeing you in action at our annual charity quiz night.