If you’re a paralegal keen to better understand trade mark filing systems and practices in Asia, plus keep up to date on changes in the trade mark laws in the region, join us for this webinar chaired by Ian Collier, Stobbs IP. 

Mary Man, who works in Hong Kong as Principal and Global Head of Formalities for Rouse, will cover everything from translation and transliteration in Asian trade mark searches to implications of the New Chinese Trade Mark Law. She will also discuss the Chinese super trade mark.

The full programme of the webinar looks like this:

  • National versus IR filing basis comparisons with insight into the implications for Asia in general, and how it can differ from simple Nice filing cost countries
  • Trade mark searches in Asia: translation and transliteration
  • Implications of New Chinese Trade Mark Law (coming into effect 1 November 2019) on trade mark filing and formalities
  • The Chinese super trade mark: silver bullet or another tool against bad faith filings?
  • New Myanmar Trade Mark Law and likely timings for implementation and formality requirements

Mary will also offer tips for formulating filing strategies and building strategies to tackle bad faith filings in China.

We hope you can join the webinar.

To note

  • Payment online via debit or credit card only; proforma invoices are not available.
  • Full terms and conditions apply.
  • Closing date: 9am, Monday 11th November 2019.