Regulation 2.2 of the SRA Training Regulations 2014 allows the SRA to recognise that some of the outcomes and training requirements specified for admission as a solicitor may have been acquired by work based learning. Consequently, upon submission of sufficient evidence, the SRA may grant exemptions from the regulations. However, for attorneys seeking to dual qualify as solicitors using the equivalent means route, the practical and evidential hurdles associated with the application process are significant.

This webinar will consider and seek to offer guidance on the following practical issues:

  • Analysis of the SRA Training Regulations - what does “equivalent means” mean?
  • Troublesome definitions  - outcomes/“three areas of law”/contentious and non contentious experience/level/consistency and currency of experience over time;
  • Drafting the Application form; maintaining focus on the outcomes to be achieved and the link to the portfolio of evidence;
  • Compiling, structuring and managing the portfolio of evidence: demonstrating that experience in the workplace equates to the achievement of the relevant outcome;
  • Confidentiality and legal professional privilege: obtaining consent from former clients and former employers;
  • “sign off” from former and current supervisors;
  • Dealing with a defined gap in experience: use of secondments, training courses and pro bono work.

This webinar will be of interest to those attorneys who are working on an application for dual qualification via SRA Equivalent Means and learning and development partners who wish to know more about the process.

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  • 12pm: Presentation
  • 12.45pm: Q&A
  • 1pm: End

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