IP Inclusive and its Careers in Ideas initiative are delighted to invite you to a panel discussion and workshop on socio-economic diversity and recruitment. The event is on 12 June 2019, from 4 to 6 pm, followed by light refreshments and networking, and is being held at Marks & Clerk's new offices in Fetter Lane.

At the IP Inclusive annual meeting in January 2019, Julie Barrett (PurposiveStep – Business & Career Consulting for those in or related to Intellectual Property) suggested that a neglected area of awareness-raising amongst our profession has been that of an apparent bias towards/preponderance of people from relatively well-off backgrounds and high-ranked schools/universities, regardless of innate ability and potential to become a superlative IP professional.

So, Andrea Brewster (IP Inclusive leader), Sheila Wallace (Partner, Marks & Clerk) and Julie have formed a small working group focussed on this area (see here). Our 12 June event is aimed at both awareness-raising, and providing ideas and guidance to address the issues raised.

Full details are available here.