Staff talk: gender profiles in worldwide patenting: an analysis of female inventorship.

Do we have the data needed to make informed decisions on how to tackle issues of gender equality? While data on women studying or working in STEM subjects are quite comprehensive, there are fewer data on the ‘outputs’ of work undertaken by women in STEM industries. Patents are a well-known measurable ‘output’ of STEM industries, however while inventor name on patent applications is a legal requirement, disclosing gender is not. The IPO’s work uses name-datasets to infer gender of inventors and allows them to shed a light on female inventorship.

PO inclusive: faith & belief panel discussion

All of us, whether we are of a faith or non-faith identity, have shared principles and values which frame our everyday lives. An inclusive culture that allows people to feel comfortable talking about and practising their faith or belief will help us make the IPO a “brilliant place to work”. In this discussion, panellists will share the stories of their belief, from Christianity to veganism, and working in the IP Industry.

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