CITMA Paralegal Webinar — GDPR and its relevance to the work of CITMA Paralegals

GDPR has become impossible to ignore.

For a while, almost every second email had those four letters in its subject line. But what exactly is GDPR? How many of us could offer a thorough explanation? And how does it affect you?   

Join our webinar, chaired by Kane Ridley of Keltie LLP, to hear Maria O’Sullivan, Head of Compliance at the Keltie Group, demystifiy the complexities of data protection in today’s highly technological society.

Maria will touch on exactly what constitutes personal data, the associated rights and accountability, as well as how Paralegals are permitted to handle and process it. She will also explain what happens in a data breach: who is held responsible, and what the consequences are.

Another big question is, of course, how will Brexit affect GDPR? Expect to gain clarity on that subject, too.

We hope you can join us.

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  • 12pm: Login available
  • 12.30pm: Presentation
  • 1.15pm: Q&A
  • 1.30pm: End

To note

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  • Closing date: 9am, 14th May 2019.