Global Brexit perspectives at Spring Conference

Spring-2016-3Brexit is top of the agenda at our Spring Conference. Guiding you through one of today’s biggest challenges is an expert panel of experienced international attorneys who will share perspectives of Brexit from inside and outside the EU.

Giving the German perspective is ECTA past-president Peter Müller. From outside the EU Hilde Vold Burgess will discuss the Norwegian view and Jess Collen will discuss the ramifications for US trade mark owners.

You will gain valuable insights from the former Yugoslavia on how the new countries approached the revalidation of existing IP rights and their subsequent validity. In the discussion Djura Mijatovic will emphasise the cost and practical implications of automatic validity of registered rights, full revalidation with examination, re-application and re-examination of pending rights.

The UK Intellectual Property Office’s Adam Williams will discuss the perceptions of overseas businesses on the decision to leave the EU. What this might mean for their registration strategies and how measures can be taken to ensure the UK remains a destination of choice for innovative businesses to register their IP in the UK.

Our first Spring Conference as CITMA will help you navigate today’s most challenging issues – book your place today.

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Speaker bios:

Peter Müller of Müller Schupfner & Partner is a German patent attorney and the immediate Past President of ECTA. Peter will be providing a German perspective on Brexit and considering the two major problems Germany faces as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

Adam Williams is responsible for the IPO's international activities; both with respect to multilateral frameworks and institutions, and to their bilateral relationships and cooperation with key global markets. Adam will discuss the perceptions of overseas businesses on the decision to leave the EU and what this might mean for overseas business behaviour.

Hilde Vold Burgess is an attorney-at-law and the managing partner of the Norwegian firm Acapo. Whilst Norway voted not to join the EU in September 1972 and again in November 1994 Hilde will give an overview on life outside the EU from a Norwegian perspective.

Djura Mijatovic is managing partner of Zivko Mijatovic and Partners and is based in Alicante, Spain. Djura will look at the separation in the trade mark and design spheres from an ex Yugoslav perspective and the different ways in which the newly formed countries dealt with revalidation of existing IP rights and their subsequent validity.

Jess Collen, a co-founder of the US based Collen IP, has more than thirty years’ experience representing clients across a broad array of industries in IP matters. Jess will consider several interesting questions concerning the ramifications for US trade mark owners in a post-Brexit environment and evolving safeguards for trade mark rights.