Our Brexit position - intellectual property

EU-flagWe are pleased to publish and share our position paper on post-Brexit registered intellectual property rights (trade marks and designs) and rights of representation.

In the eight-page document we have pulled together our work to date on rights of representation and registered trade marks and designs - making clear our position on them and the surrounding issues.

It is likely that we will publish further updates as Brexit talks progress.

Click here to read our Brexit position paper

Rights of representation before the EUIPO is unquestionably one of the most important issues for our profession right now. We are calling for all current and future UK practitioners to be able to represent their clients and businesses before the EUIPO.

Further to this we believe that UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys should be granted rights of representation at the European General Court (EGC) and Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to allow them to represent their clients at all levels of the justice system.

On registered rights, while we would favour a solution where the UK becomes part of European trade mark and design systems – we appreciate that this is unlikely. So we would like to see all current EU trade marks and Registered Community Designs transferred onto the UK register.

We also provide our position on elements of detail, including what should happen to pending EU applications, how intent to use should be handled and seniority claims.

20th July 2017