Brookes Batchellor LLP


Company Profile

Brookes Batchellor LLP is a firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, specialising in all aspects of trade marks, patents and designs.

We are a modern European and UK firm, using the latest technologies and techniques to serve clients in a wide range of industries. We are committed to providing a  personal service that operates consistently to the highest professional and technical standards, whether acting for multinational corporations, or private individuals. With a wealth of experience  in the trade mark field, we pride ourselves on delivering practical commercially orientated solutions.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive trade mark service to our clients, including:

  • Advising as to the rights which may be protected and how the value of a business may be increased as a result  
  • Filing and prosecution of trade mark applications within the UK and EU, and on a worldwide basis  
  • Conducting searches for earlier rights  
  • Renewal of trade mark registrations  
  • Filing opposition, revocation and invalidity actions  
  • Advising on assignment, licensing and enforcement  

Further details of the services which we provide may be seen on our website


London   Brookes Batchellor LLP   46 Chancery Lane   London   WC2A 1JE   Tel: 020 7400 0280   Fax: 020 7253 1214   Email:

Kent   Brookes Batchellor LLP   1 Boyne Park   Tunbridge Wells   Kent   TN4 8EL   Tel: 018 9251 0600   Fax: 018 9251 0666   Email:

  • Jane Martin, BA (Hons), MCITMA, RTMA, ETMA  
  • Clare Turnbull, MCITMA, RTMA, ETMA