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Highly skilled, highly experienced, tightly focused trade mark specialists – we are Ward Trade Marks.

Led by Rachael Ward (LLB (Hons), MCITMA), our company advises on trade marks and nothing else. This undiluted approach gives us unrivalled knowledge and expertise in this area, allowing you to have peace of mind that your trade mark intellectual property will be protected and defended.

Over twenty years working with clients such as Whitbread, LinkedIn, Starbucks, FB, nVidia, Mars Foods, and Kangol across European markets has given Ward Trade Marks invaluable experience – experience we will use to secure your trade mark.

We are large enough to carry real weight, but small enough that we haven’t lost that personal touch. We’re nimble, flexible and specialise in coming up with bespoke solutions for our clients rather than an off-the-shelf answer. From the very first point of contact we apply the highest of standards to everything we do. We go the extra mile to help our clients. 

“As a branding agency, we believe that it’s critical for businesses to make sensible decisions about protecting their trade marks. We recommend using Ward Trade Marks to our clients, as they fully comprehend the minutiae of the whole process and get it done in a fuss free, cost effective way, but most importantly, they make sure your brand assets are fully protected, which can alleviate a lot of potential heartache later on” - Clout Branding


We offer a full range of trade mark services including:

  • Getting your trade marks protected so no-one else can use them
  • Ensuring you’re not prevented from registering your trade mark because of someone else’s earlier rights
  • Defending you against competitor challenges
  • Advising on your rights if your trade mark is unregistered … and what you can do about it
  • Advising on how to choose the trade mark which will best protect your business
  • Helping you with buying, selling and licensing trade marks
  • Arranging for your existing trade mark registrations to be renewed, so that your rights stay in force
  • Arranging a watching service to alert you if a competitor tries to register your trade mark
  • Getting your trade marks protected overseas, if you are an international business


Contact us now to assist you in understanding the challenges and pitfalls of trade mark registration and enforcement. We will make sure your trade mark intellectual property is kept safe and secure.

Call +44 (0) 1223 421779

Bill Ward, Director

Rachael Ward, Director, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, European Trade Mark Attorney 

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