Are you ready for data protection law changes?

Are you ready for data protection law changes?

26 June 2017

There are less than 12 months until "the biggest change to data protection law for a generation" is introduced. Now is a good time to ensure you are aware of the changes that will take place and the impact it will have on the way data is held by organisations.

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are far reaching and impact any organisation holding data. Guidelines on the change can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website.

What does this mean for your company? One of the biggest changes revolves around consent. Consent can no longer be inferred (such as a pre-ticked box) but must be given. Clear audit trails regarding consent will need to be adhered to, and evidence provided to the authorities if requested

Once the new regulations are implemented, if there is a data breach, companies are required to inform the relevant parties within 72 hours, full disclosure of the breach is required, including proposals to mitigate the breach.

The ICO has also created a new self-assessment toolkit to enable you to assess your firm’s compliance with data protection across all areas of the business, from record management to data sharing and information security.

25th May 2018 might seem a long time into the future, however Information Commissioner Elizabeth Deneham has told businesses there is no time to delay in preparing for "the biggest change to data protection law for a generation". Being prepared for this change is one way to ensure it is a success.

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