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CITMA Webinar - Anti-money laundering

6th Sep 2022 | Webinar

CITMA Lecture Glasgow - IP litigation in Scotland

8th Sep 2022 | 1-hour lecture

CITMA Paralegal Seminar

22nd Sep 2022 | Paralegal event

CITMA Webinar - Copyright in the video games industry

6th Oct 2022 | Webinar

CITMA Autumn Conference

12th Oct 2022 | Conference

CITMA Paralegal Webinar - Working with non-use requirements

18th Oct 2022 | Paralegal event

CITMA Christmas Lunch

2nd Dec 2022 | Christmas lunch

CITMA Northern Christmas Lunch

9th Dec 2022 | Christmas lunch
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IP Inclusive & Jonathan's Voice - Darkness to Hope

7th Sep 2022 | IP Inclusive

Event recordings 

Update on Chinese trade mark filings

As the trade mark landscape in China continues to evolve, bring your knowledge up to speed at our latest CITMA Paralegal webinar on this area.

14th Jul 2022 | Event presentation

Accessing the Company Names Tribunal

Our speakers offered a comprehensive overview of the Company Names Tribunal, allowing you to unlock its full potential in your work.

6th Jul 2022 | Event presentation

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – The new digital gold rush?

Nils Rauer shared the key facts around NFTs, equipping you to respond to their changing future role.

21st Jun 2022 | Event presentation

Everyday controls for staying on top of data protection

Sharing tips to ensure safe handling of client data and compliance with GDPR, this session honed a key skill for paralegals.

25th May 2022 | Event presentation

Introduction to U.S. design law

Gain confidence and knowledge around U.S. design law with the help of expert practitioner Sarah Burstein.

25th May 2022 | Event presentation

CITMA and UK IPO Roashow - London

Oliver Morris and Nathan Abraham provided an update on the the IPO's latest work and their future plans.

10th May 2022 | Event presentation

CITMA Webinar - Unfair competition and unregistered rights in the EU

Our speakers offered a broad overview on national unfair competition law nuances from a practitioner’s view in France, Germany, and Italy.

22nd Mar 2022 | Event presentation

CITMA Spring Conference

From dealing with troublesome opponents to drafting coexistence agreements, our experienced speakers helped you to find practical solutions to stay on top of your game.

21st Mar 2022 | Event presentation
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