Past event recordings 

The perils of co-existence agreements

Michael Edenborough QC, explained just why there are “no such things” as co-existence agreements - they are actually separation agreements.

10th Feb 2021 | Event presentation

UK IPO Brexit panel

Senior officials from the UK IPO shared their insight into how your work as a CITMA Paralegal will be affected by Brexit.

26th Jan 2021 | Event presentation

Mental Health Matters: a proactive approach

Penny Aspinall provided key insight and advice into how you can maintain your mental wellbeing.

18th Jan 2021 | Event presentation

CITMA Paralegal Seminar 2020

Exclusively available to our Paralegal Seminar delegates. Our expert panel of speakers equipped you with the tools needed to become a master at overcoming registration obstacles and fighting successful oppositions.

25th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

UK case law update

Jade MacIntyre gave an insightful and in-depth talk, examining a number of key legal cases from 2020 and their relevance to you and your clients.

24th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Trade mark career stories

As part of Careers in Ideas week and to drive greater representation at entry-level, we hosted an exciting careers webinar to offer advice and support to students and career-changers aspiring to become a trade mark attorney.

20th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Sky v SkyKick

John Linneker discussed the wider implications of the CJEU's decision and the practical consequences that IP professionals and brand owners now face.

13th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Autumn Conference 2020 presentations

Exclusively available to Autumn Conference delegates. From artificial intelligence to Brexit we looked ahead at what the future holds and how we can meet these challenges.

5th Nov 2020 | Event presentation
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