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CITMA Webinar - Why mental health matters

3rd Sep 2019 | Webinar

CITMA Lecture - Scotland - Evidence before UK IPO and EUIPO matters

5th Sep 2019 | 1-hour lecture

CITMA Quiz - Leeds

10th Oct 2019 | Quiz night

CITMA Autumn Conference - Birmingham

17th Oct 2019 | Conference

CITMA Lecture - Scotland - IP case law update

14th Nov 2019 | 1-hour lecture

CITMA Webinar - UK case law update

14th Nov 2019 | Webinar

CITMA Lecture - London - Fashion and IP

26th Nov 2019 | 1-hour lecture

CITMA Lecture - Leeds - Non-traditional trade marks

28th Nov 2019 | 1-hour lecture
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IP Inclusive Webinar - Colleagues on the autism spectrum

9th Sep 2019 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive Week 2019

11th Nov 2019 | IP Inclusive


Past event recordings

The use requirement in United States trade mark law

Tara Aaron, partner at Aaron | Sanders PLLC, Nashville, revealed common issues that occur when trying to register a trade mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) from outside the United States.

9th Aug 2019 | Event presentation

Canada's new trade mark laws

Founder of Clancy PC and Managing Attorney Lawyer, Paula Clancy, discussed how changes will bring Canada in line with three major intellectual property treaties: the Madrid Protocol, the Nice Agreement and the Singapore Agreement.

16th Jul 2019 | Event presentation

The effect of recent trade mark decisions on registration

Victoria Jones, 3PB Barristers, shared her insights and forecasts at our first Midlands lecture of the year. Victoria outlined what we can now register as a trade mark, and the specifications applied to marks.

10th Jul 2019 | Event presentation

Update on EU case law - trade marks, designs and copyright

Guy Tritton, Hogarth Chambers, gave an insightful talk on recent landmark IP cases.

13th Jun 2019 | Event presentation

GDPR and its relevance to the work of CITMA Paralegals

Maria O’Sullivan, Head of Compliance at the Keltie Group, demystified the complexities of data protection in today’s highly technological society.

14th May 2019 | Event presentation

Domain name disputes post-GDPR

In this one-hour lunchtime lecture, Lauren Somers discussed one of the less publicised effects of GDPR: the WHOIS blackout.

30th Apr 2019 | Event presentation

Trade marks - unfair advantage bad faith and use

Recent changes in case law have raised big questions about the advantages of a trade mark. But how do we determine advantage? When does it become unfair? And what constitutes infringement? Christopher Hall examined these changes.

26th Apr 2019 | Event presentation

New environment for trade mark protection in China

As new trade mark applications in China surge, Na (Nina) Li, Partner and Trade Mark Attorney at Co-Talent, shared her insight on Chinese trade mark law and practice, and the current situation of bad faith registration and trade mark enforcement in China.

18th Apr 2019 | Event presentation