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CITMA Webinar - What lies behind the surge in China’s international trade mark filing

29th Sep 2021 | Webinar

CITMA Paralegal Seminar - Managing change

12th Oct 2021 | Paralegal event

CITMA Webinar - Black History Month: Looking back, looking forward

13th Oct 2021 | Webinar

CITMA Autumn Conference

14th Oct 2021 | Conference

CITMA Webinar - Brand protection: facing the digital surge

20th Oct 2021 | Webinar

CITMA Student induction

21st Oct 2021 | Webinar

CITMA Seminar for Litigators

3rd Nov 2021 | Seminar

CITMA Webinar - Contentious proceedings at the UK IPO

4th Nov 2021 | Webinar
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IP Inclusive: Better decision making (and how diversity can work)

9th Dec 2021 | IP Inclusive

Event recordings 

Ethical Considerations in Advising Clients in the Era of Renewed Focus on Social Justice

Megan Carpenter and John Sommer dissected the impact social and ethical issues can have on trade mark applications.

8th Sep 2021 | Event presentation

Hot property - The scope and scale of global counterfeiting

Phil Lewis uncovered how recent international strategies and political changes have raised new challenges in tackling IP crime.

21st Jul 2021 | Event presentation

Brexit and designs

Rose Smalley-Gordon set out the key differences between those protection regimes coming from UK law vs. EU law. In turn, raising key points to be aware of in relation to design protection going forward.

13th Jul 2021 | Event presentation

South American trade mark round up

Highlighting key case law updates from courts and PTO's across Argentina, Brazil and Peru, our speakers set out how trade mark proceedings are evolving in South America.

30th Jun 2021 | Event presentation

Celebrating Pride

Our panel discussed what Pride means to them, why openness and acceptance in the profession is key and how to come out and bring all of who you are to the workplace.

22nd Jun 2021 | Event presentation

Domain name disputes

Andrew Clemson shared his key tips for handling effective domain name disputes.

15th Jun 2021 | Event presentation

Transactions and Recordals

In this Paralegal webinar we highlighted the significance of license recordals to your role as a paralegal and best practice for recording them at the UK IPO and WIPO.

10th Jun 2021 | Event presentation

Implementing better mental health support in the workplace

Graham McCartney, co-founder of the charity Jonathan’s Voice, provided information and practical ideas on how leaders can put measures in place to ensure that workplaces are mentally healthy.

12th May 2021 | Event presentation
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