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Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys discuss... transitioning back to the office

22nd Sep 2020 | Coffee morning

CITMA Paralegals discuss... transitioning back to the office

24th Sep 2020 | Coffee morning


IP Inclusive events

IP Inclusive - Dyslexia and dyspraxia demystified

8th Oct 2020 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive - An intro into asexuality and aromanticism

30th Oct 2020 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive - STEM: Branching out

19th Nov 2020 | IP Inclusive

Past event recordings 

CITMA Webinar – Copyright & Trade Marks: Collision or Near Miss?

Simon Malynicz QC gave an insightful and in-depth talk on the subject of copyright.

15th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Why is everyone talking about AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Matthew Lingard was on hand to explain the rapidly growing area of AI and what it means for you.

18th Aug 2020 | Event presentation

IP rights in advertising and on social media; avoiding the #pitfalls?

Joanna Conway and Charlotte Wilding from Kemp Little, provide key insight into how to practically manage IP risks in digital content.

14th Jul 2020 | Event presentation

Trade mark infringement

In this Paralegal webinar, Mark Bhandal of Forresters was on hand to discuss just what happens after you register a trade mark and how to take action against infringement.

10th Jul 2020 | Event presentation

Brexit webinar

Brexit is one of the biggest challenges our profession has faced. In this webinar our expert panel dissect the latest guidance and uncover just what this means for you and your firm.

9th Jul 2020 | Event presentation

An introduction to court proceedings

Andy Lee from Brandsmiths shared a number of key tips to best understand court proceedings and increase your chances of being on the winning side.

30th Jun 2020 | Event presentation

What is a mental health first aider?

In this condensed webinar, Zoe Puckering provided an overview of just what a mental health first aider is and what the benefits of becoming one are.

11th Jun 2020 | Event presentation

Money laundering regulations 2020

Amy Bell from Teal Compliance gave a comprehensive overview of the recent changes to money laundering regulations.

21st May 2020 | Event presentation
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