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In this webinar, we guided you through the different types of insolvency.

9th Mar 2021 | Event presentation

International Women's Day

For International Women's Day, our panel discussed their experiences in calling out gender bias and inequity.

8th Mar 2021 | Event presentation

Searching and clearance

Presented by Amelia Skelding, this was an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the obstacles you may face when conducting a trade mark clearance search and how to overcome them.

24th Feb 2021 | Event presentation

The perils of co-existence agreements

Michael Edenborough QC, explained just why there are “no such things” as co-existence agreements - they are actually separation agreements.

10th Feb 2021 | Event presentation

UK IPO Brexit panel

Senior officials from the UK IPO shared their insight into how your work as a CITMA Paralegal will be affected by Brexit.

26th Jan 2021 | Event presentation

Mental Health Matters: a proactive approach

Penny Aspinall provided key insight and advice into how you can maintain your mental wellbeing.

18th Jan 2021 | Event presentation

CITMA Paralegal Seminar 2020

Exclusively available to our Paralegal Seminar delegates. Our expert panel of speakers equipped you with the tools needed to become a master at overcoming registration obstacles and fighting successful oppositions.

25th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

UK case law update

Jade MacIntyre gave an insightful and in-depth talk, examining a number of key legal cases from 2020 and their relevance to you and your clients.

24th Nov 2020 | Event presentation
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