IP Inclusive events

IP Futures - Christmas time

1st Dec 2020 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive - Women in IP December Coffee Morning

1st Dec 2020 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive - Culture and belief

1st Dec 2020 | IP Inclusive

Past event recordings 

Sky v SkyKick

John Linneker discussed the wider implications of the CJEU's decision and the practical consequences that IP professionals and brand owners now face.

13th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Autumn Conference 2020 presentations

Exclusively available to Autumn Conference delegates. From artificial intelligence to Brexit we looked ahead at what the future holds and how we can meet these challenges.

5th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

CITMA Seminar for Litigators

Exclusively available to Seminar for Litigators delegates. Our expert panel of speakers equipped you with the tools needed to conduct successful litigation.

4th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Customs Enforcement

Caterpillar’s Sarah Coomber shared the inside track on engaging with authorities, why you should have customs recordals in place and the impact counterfeit goods have.

28th Oct 2020 | Event presentation

EU case law update

Mark Caddle from Withers and Rogers, highlighted the key EU cases from this year and their relevance to you and your clients.  

28th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Online enforcement

Rebecca O'Kelly Gillard and Emma Green from Bird & Bird, detailed just how to create a robust and coherent strategy for monitoring activity and taking action online.

17th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Copyright and trade marks: collision or near miss?

Simon Malynicz QC gave an insightful and in-depth talk on the subject of copyright.

15th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Why is everyone talking about AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Matthew Lingard was on hand to explain the rapidly growing area of AI and what it means for you.

18th Aug 2020 | Event presentation
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