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U.S. declarations of use update

Sahil Malhotra explored the importance of U.S. filing requirements, including timely filings, pertinent information, and the proper specimen requirement.

30th Nov 2023 | Event presentation
audience smiling.jpg Webinar

IPReg requirements for transparency about costs and financial benefits

This joint event with IPReg, CIPA and CITMA will support you in achieving compliance with the new requirements.

22nd Nov 2023 | Event presentation
Row of audience 2 SC23.jpg Webinar

UK case law update

Becky Knott highlighted several of the key legal cases from 2023, discussing their relevance to IP owners and their advisors.

15th Nov 2023 | Event presentation
Autumn Conference listening.jpg Only available to attendees

CITMA Seminar for Litigators

Exclusively available to Seminar for Litigators delegates. Our series of six sessions was carefully developed to ensure that you gain a holistic understanding of today's most important questions in litigation practice.

10th Nov 2023 | Event presentation
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Hague system and international design registration

Simon Bentley dissected the intricacies of the Hague System and its importance to you as a CITMA Paralegal.

1st Nov 2023 | Event presentation
AC23 12.jpg Only available to attendees

CITMA Autumn Conference slides

Exclusively available to CITMA Autumn Conference delegates, we provided you with cutting-edge expertise on the most important areas of the trade mark industry.

23rd Oct 2023 | Event presentation
Audience at table AC22.jpg Webinar

Mentoring programme

Our mentoring programme will connect mentees with mentors, giving you an opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with each other.

28th Sep 2023 | Event presentation
Row of audience SC23.jpg Only available to attendees

CITMA Paralegal Conference 2023

Exclusively available to Paralegal Conference delegates. Our programme was carefully curated to support your abilities and to help you remain confident when working at a high level.

27th Sep 2023 | Event presentation
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