Consultation responses

We respond to consultations on behalf of the UK trade mark profession.

IPReg Business Plan 2020

Our response to IPReg's 2020 business plan

5th Jul 2019 | Consultation response

LSB IGRs supplementary consultation - CITMA response

Our response to the LSB Internal Governance Rules - supplementary consultation

19th Jun 2019 | Consultation response

EU-consultation on legislation for designs protection

Our response to the public consultation on Evaluation of EU legislation on design protection

16th Apr 2019 | Consultation response

IPReg consultation on draft guidance

Our response to the IPReg Consultation - Draft Guidance - Improving Information for Consumers and Small Businesses.

15th Feb 2019 | Consultation response

LSB Internal Governance Rules

Our response to the LSB consultation on Internal Governance Rules.

21st Jan 2019 | Consultation response

IPReg business plan 2019

Our response to IPReg's 2019 business plan.

7th Sep 2018 | Consultation response

Draft tribunal practice notice

Our response to draft Tribunal Practice Notice

31st Aug 2018 | Consultation response

China trade mark law

Our response to a consultation on trade marks in China.

20th Jul 2018 | Consultation response

SkyKick case

Our response to SkyKick consultation: Case C-371/18

6th Jun 2018 | Consultation response

EUTM Directive

Read our response to a consultation on the implementation of the EU Trade Mark Directive in the UK.

16th Apr 2018 | Consultation response

WIPO fax discontinuation

Our response to WIPO's consultation on discontinuing fax submissions.

28th Feb 2018 | Consultation response

LSB reviewing the internal governance rules

Our response to the Legal Services Board's consultation on internal governance rules

9th Feb 2018 | Consultation response

IPReg CMA report

Our response to the Intellectual Property Regulation Board's CMA report

16th Jan 2018 | Consultation response

IPReg Power to suspend

Our response to a consultation from the Intellectual Property Regulation Board.

10th Jan 2018 | Consultation response

Industrial Strategy

Our response to the IPO consultation on Industrial Strategy

14th Nov 2017 | Consultation response

Draft Hague Treaty

Our response to the consultation on the Hague Treaty.

1st Nov 2017 | Consultation response

IPReg business plan 2018

Our response to the Intellectual Property Regulation Board's 2018 business plan.

15th Sep 2017 | Consultation response

IPO trade mark search facility

Our response to the Intellectual Property's changes to the trade mark search facility on its website.

4th Aug 2017 | Consultation response