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What is a trade mark?

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Protecting the Rugby World Cup brand

As Rugby World Cup reaches an exciting conclusion, the winner on the field will be crowned – but how do brands win off the field and how do trade marks help.

25th Oct 2019 | Blog

The battle for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency brands

Radical. Unstable. Unpredictable. Electronic currencies, or crypto, have made a big splash – but who is fighting to own the names to some of the best known, like Bitcoin?

20th Aug 2019 | Blog

What is a certification trade mark?

What do film classification logos, the ‘Red Tractor’ logo, ‘Parma Ham’ logo and ‘ATOL Protected’ logo all have in common? They are a different type of trade mark that tells you a product meets certain standards.

8th Jul 2019 | Blog

Adidas loses its stripes

This week, one of Adidas’s three stripes trade marks was declared invalid by the European General Court – as Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Graeme Murray explains.

20th Jun 2019 | Blog
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IP Inclusive Week 2019

11th Nov 2019 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive week - Social mobility

13th Nov 2019 | IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive week at the IPO

13th Nov 2019 | IP Inclusive

CITMA Webinar - UK case law update

14th Nov 2019 | Webinar
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Case comments

 Read analysis from recent trade mark cases. 

#darferdas? drives new discussion on hashtag distinctiveness

There may be good news for hashtags when it comes to proving genuine use of a trade mark.

16th Oct 2019 | Case comment

UK IPO finds some cause for indirect confusion in Jammin CBD

Looking for a masterclass in the case law on confusion and evidence?

16th Oct 2019 | Case comment

A dose of reality

Lizzie Sergeant summarises the circumstances that saw a celebrity lose out. O/345/19, FERNE BEAUTY (Invalidity), UK IPO, 19th June 2019.

14th Oct 2019 | Case comment

Rock on?

This wasn’t the case for the Applicant, explains Louise Foster. O/363/19, ROCK CITY (Opposition), UK IPO, 1st July 2019.

14th Oct 2019 | Case comment
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Read the latest updates on what the UK's withdrawal from the European Union means for intellectual property. 

Possible ‘No-Deal’ Brexit: Implications on International Applications and Registrations

WIPO has published information about how users rights would be preserved – and how to safeguard those rights – in a no deal scenario.

30th Sep 2019 | Brexit

New no-deal Brexit guidance on trade marks

The UK Government has published new guidance on trade marks if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

20th Sep 2019 | News

Our response to a new Prime Minister

Following the announcement that Boris Johnson will be the new Prime Minister we have issued the following statement.

23rd Jul 2019 | News

Brexit and designs quick reference guide

We have published a quick reference guide to registered and unregistered EU designs post-Brexit.

16th Jul 2019 | Brexit
Brexit news