Litigators' Club

Welcome to a new community for trade mark litigators and those interested in getting more involved in litigation, and other dispute resolution work, such as mediation or arbitration.

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If you are an experienced litigator or would value guidance and support to conduct more litigation work you can benefit from this opportunity and join your fellow practitioners.

Any regulated UK legal professional that is a CITMA member, including allied and associate members, can join the group. It is aimed specifically at those who are involved in litigation work, want to conduct more but have not had the opportunity to, or have taken the Nottingham advanced litigation and advocacy courses.

Mission statement:

The Litigators’ Club aims to promote litigators and litigation rights within the trade mark attorney profession. Helping and empowering members to take on more contentious work.

We will bring litigators and those interested in taking on more contentious work together to share experiences and develop understanding.

By joining you will be part of, and expected to engage with, a vibrant network of trade mark litigators. Your contributions, whether big or small, to discussions, suggestions for future topics and sharing of expertise will be welcomed.

The activities of the Litigation Club will include:

  • A quarterly meeting with opportunity for talks and networking, held in person.
  • Regular book club - held via Teams - attendees given pre-reading for an open discussion of a pre-selected topic
  • Teams channel - all members to the club would have access to the Litigators’ Club Teams channel where they can chat and relevant materials can be shared.
    • Any concerns or inappropriate behaviour you expereince on the Teams channel should be reported to Colin Hulme, who is acting as moderator.

The club is free to join and exclusively open to CITMA members, although we will encourage active engagement and regular attendance. To sign up, simply complete our form below.