What CITMA membership gives you

We open the door for you to connect with an international community and learn about the latest trends and developments in our profession.

Spring Conference reading programme

CITMA opens the door for you to connect with an international community, to learn about the latest trends and developments in our profession, to take part in many career developing events, and to amplify your voice.

As an organisation, CITMA has the power to shape law and practice, nationally and internationally. As an active member, you can be part of that movement.

Thrive in our international community

CITMA is made up of sociable, friendly and talented professionals at all stages of their careers. We bring our members together online and at our events across the world to help them build stronger relationships and share knowledge.

Networking opportunities like these are vital for your career progression and business development.

Amplify your voice

Day to day, CITMA influences important decision makers and fights hard to secure and strengthen the future of our profession.

We have a strong collective voice. It is made more clear, powerful and persuasive thanks to our members and volunteer network. The bigger and stronger our voice, the better our links with and influence over key organisations – including government, firms, business and international bodies across a range of sectors.

Work at the cutting edge

Membership of CITMA gives you access to current trends and developments in law, plus the latest news in trade marks, designs and areas associated with these.

We share this knowledge and expertise – often inspired or created by our members – through our website, social media and publications. We publish the CITMA Review eight times a year, making sure it’s packed with features and high quality, in-depth insight into the profession.

Develop outstanding knowledge

With regular events, seminars and webinars, we challenge, stretch, educate and aim to inspire every one of our members.

To help you demonstrate your learning to employers and clients, and meet regulatory requirements, we offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for our educational events.

For members, events are either free or significantly discounted. Members also have access to materials designed to help develop a career in the profession.