The business of CITMA is managed by our Council, whose members are elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our Council meets six times a year to receive reports from committees and to review and set the strategic direction of CITMA..

Our President, the First Vice-President and the Second Vice President/Treasurer are elected from within members of the Council and the Council itself is responsible for keeping true accounts.

Council formally elects new members of CITMA and makes the final decision on policy and strategic matters.


Tania Clark


Richard Goddard


Kathy Wright

Ese Akpogheneta

Oscar Benito

Keith Havelock

Mark Foreman

Jade MacIntyre

Rebecca McBride

Rachel Wilkinson-Duffy

Caitriona Desmond

Natasha Hinds-Payne

Catherine Wolfe

Leanne Hall

Kate O'Rourke

Campbell Newell

Aaron Wood

Becky Knott

Chris McLeod

Sanjay Kapur

Kelly Saliger

Maggie Ramage

Council minutes

CITMA Council minutes 9th April 2019

9th Apr 2019 | Minutes & agendas

CITMA Council minutes 26th February 2019

26th Feb 2019 | Minutes & agendas

CITMA Council minutes 22nd January 2019

22nd Jan 2019 | Minutes & agendas

CITMA Council minutes 28th November 2018

28th Nov 2018 | Minutes & agendas

CITMA Council minutes 25th September 2018

25th Nov 2018 | Minutes & agendas