Dreyfus has an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges related to today’s constantly evolving digital economy and is well positioned to understand the specifics of your legal issues and concerns.

Dreyfus’ Team puts your requirements and specific needs at the heart of any solution it proposes.

Trade mark services

In order to meet your national and international needs, Dreyfus has created an integrated link between industrial property and new technology laws. By combining our knowledge of the digital world and new technology sectors we provide companies with a dual approach that protects and adds value to traditional and digital IP assets.

Our team helps clients to identify risks, to effectively manage their IP portfolios, and defend their interests in the event of a dispute.

Our approach can be summed up in six fundamental actions:

Anticipate : We have mastered the latest technological IP and IT tools. This enables our clients to have a clear advantage in staying informed and understanding the contant changes in digital IP and technology.  

Protect : As a pioneer in protecting trademarks for innovative companies and as an expert in digital IP issues, Dreyfus has developed methods to transform your trademark protection challenges into opportunities, in order to give you a real competitive edge.

Organize : Experienced in managing complex IP matters, Dreyfus has developed unique software to efficiently manage your trademarks, domain names, and patents.

Streamline : As a law firm focused on legal issues specific to new technology sectors, we are constantly seeking ways to leverage the latest technology to streamline and provide services that truly add value to our clients’ businesses.

Evaluate : Dreyfus provides monitoring tools tailored to clients’ specific business needs. We can systematically evaluate when to make decisions and act.

Defend : Our team offers clients customized conflict resolution strategies to defend their rights in all areas, including intellectual property, new information and communication technologies (NICTs), and the media.

Trade Mark Attorneys

Nathalie Dreyfus – Partner and IP attorney (https://www.dreyfus.fr/en/dreyfus/team/)

Founding partner of Dreyfus, Nathalie Dreyfus, is specialized in Intellectual Property Law and is a French and European Trademark Attorney. She is a member of CITMA.

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