20-minute vodcasts

Filmed specially for you, our student vodcast series covers soft skills and wellbeing topics to help you now and in the future. We have sourced experts who in 20 minutes share their essential insight with you.  

How to prepare for client meetings

Meetings with existing clients and to win new business will be an important part of your daily working life. Feel confident and learn what to say and how to follow-up with business development expert Bernard Savage from Size 10½ Boots

Developing your career

How do you move on up in a career in IP? How quickly should you expect to progress? What should you be doing to help you achieve your goals? We asked IP recruiter Pete Fellows to answer these questions.

Mental wellbeing

We know juggling your study with training on the job can be intensive. We asked Ann Charlton from legal wellbeing charity LawCare to give you some pointers on how to look out for the mental wellbeing of yourself and those around you. 

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Read insight written with you and all our student members in mind.  

What I wish I knew when I was a trainee

Mark Caddle, now a partner at Withers & Rogers, shares his time as a trainee and what his advice would be to his younger self.

13th Oct 2020 | Feature

Five questions with Eve Brown

It’s not easy balancing study, exams, work and your personal life. We get the low-down on how student representative Eve Brown manages it all.

12th Oct 2020 | Feature

Hello, IPO!

What did a group of newly qualified attorneys learn from going behind the scenes in Newport?

8th Jun 2020

Introducing Eve, your CITMA student representative

Eve Brown of Marks & Clerk was recently selected as the student representative on CITMA's Council

8th Apr 2020 | Feature

Can you move jobs after only a short time in training as a trade mark attorney?

Can you move jobs after only a short time in training as a trade mark attorney? Pete Fellows says ‘yes’ but then adds a whole lot of caveats and advice. It’s never simple is it?

14th Jun 2019 | Feature

Case comments

Expand your knowledge of key IP cases with insight from peers across the profession. You can also dip into our archive to find cases from the past few years. 

Scope question is settled

What constitutes use has been given concrete dimensions, writes Amelia Skelding. C-684/19, mk advokaten GbR v MBK Rechtsanwälte GbR, CJEU, 2nd July 2020

19th Oct 2020 | Case comment

Microphone appeal heard

But the final word was given to the Examiner, explains Chris Thomas. R 2630/2019-4, Logitech Europe SA v Fourth Board of Appeal, EUIPO, 3rd July 2020

19th Oct 2020 | Case comment

Closing the retail gap

Trade mark law may be catching up with the digital era, suggests Anousha Vasantha. C-763/18 P, Wallapop SL v EUIPO & Unipreus SL, CJEU (AG), 25th June 2020

19th Oct 2020 | Case comment

KO-CO case shows cracks

Survey evidence did not cement its arguments, notes Sharon Kirby. O/353/20, KO-CO (Opposition), UK IPO, 15th July 2020

19th Oct 2020 | Case comment
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Webinar and lecture recordings

Our events will provide you with additional insight into key IP topics. We record our events so you can watch them on-demand.   

EU case law update

Mark Caddle from Withers and Rogers, highlighted the key EU cases from this year and their relevance to you and your clients.  

28th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Online enforcement

Rebecca O'Kelly Gillard and Emma Green from Bird & Bird, detailed just how to create a robust and coherent strategy for monitoring activity and taking action online.

17th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Copyright and trade marks: collision or near miss?

Simon Malynicz QC gave an insightful and in-depth talk on the subject of copyright.

15th Sep 2020 | Event presentation

Why is everyone talking about AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Matthew Lingard was on hand to explain the rapidly growing area of AI and what it means for you.

18th Aug 2020 | Event presentation
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CITMA Review

Our magazine gives you features and case comments that will help you enhance your knowledge. 

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