20-minute vodcasts

Filmed specially for you, our student vodcast series covers soft skills and wellbeing topics to help you now and in the future. We have sourced experts who in 20 minutes share their essential insight with you.  

How to prepare for client meetings

Meetings with existing clients and to win new business will be an important part of your daily working life. Feel confident and learn what to say and how to follow-up with business development expert Bernard Savage from Size 10½ Boots

Developing your career

How do you move on up in a career in IP? How quickly should you expect to progress? What should you be doing to help you achieve your goals? We asked IP recruiter Pete Fellows to answer these questions.

Mental wellbeing

We know juggling your study with training on the job can be intensive. We asked Ann Charlton from legal wellbeing charity LawCare to give you some pointers on how to look out for the mental wellbeing of yourself and those around you. 

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Read insight written with you and all our student members in mind.  

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Career paths: The route from formalities to Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

“A new Trade Mark Attorney joined the team and asked me one day why I had never considered qualifying as an attorney myself - and I found that I didn’t have a very good answer."

13th Feb 2024 | Feature

IP education turns a page

A series of fresh viewpoints on teaching IP.

11th Jan 2024 | CITMA Review feature

Give them a warm welcome; Tips for new starters

Tips for helping new starters feel at home

11th Jan 2024 | CITMA Review feature
networking jigsaw.jpg

What’s the point of networking? Identifying outcomes and goals

Networking can seem a daunting prospect, especially at the start of your career. However, going in with some clear goals in mind can lend some much needed confidence.

16th May 2023 | Feature

Failure: How to move forward

Success isn’t always a straight path, so what steps can students take when they encounter setbacks in their learning journey?

27th Feb 2023 | CITMA Review feature
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Why mentoring matters

Carol Nyahasha draws on her own experience to demonstrate the power of personal support in the profession.

10th Jan 2023 | CITMA Review feature

Max‑impact presenting

Bernard Savage sets out how to make every conversation a conversion.

14th Nov 2022 | CITMA Review feature

Webinar and lecture recordings

Our events will provide you with additional insight into key IP topics. We record our events so you can watch them on-demand.   

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Summer of IP: Becoming a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

Gain insight into the community of trade mark professionals that CITMA can offer you, and the networking and career development opportunities that we provide.

18th Jul 2024 | Event presentation
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Brand x Brand: collaborations on the rise

Uncover the process involved in creating a collaboration, as well as the potential risks and how best to mitigate them.

16th Jul 2024 | Event presentation

AI applications in trade mark watching

Our speakers shared an overview of the evolution of AI applications within Clarivate's products and services.

3rd Jul 2024 | Event presentation
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Game On! Ambush marketing and big-ticket sports and music events

We explored exactly what ambush marketing means, and the different forms that it can take, to build your awareness of the context surrounding this topic.

19th Jun 2024 | Event presentation
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CITMA Review features:


Go your own way (you can)

Real-life stories from trade mark professionals who have taken the road less travelled.

25th Jun 2024 | CITMA Review feature

Past the final post

Priya Gandham looks closely at the end game for Amazon’s run-in with the UK courts.

25th Jun 2024 | CITMA Review feature

Proof positive

Eric Mills explains how to successfully navigate US use requirements.

25th Jun 2024 | CITMA Review feature

The triple threat

Sian-Nia Davies talks about taming the trifecta of IT, data and security at the UK IPO.

25th Jun 2024 | CITMA Review feature

Case comments


Foundation case founders

Laura Nend explains how a heritage-focused charity fared against a bad faith objection.

25th Jun 2024 | Case comment

Designs save the day

Richard May celebrates a right that has might in the fight against lookalikes.

25th Jun 2024 | Case comment

Aldi clears another hurdle

Its “benchmark” strategy held firm, writes Eleni Mezulanik.

25th Jun 2024 | Case comment

Supermarkets square off again

Tesco came off worst in the latest battle of the discount retailers, as David Birchall reports.

25th Jun 2024 | Case comment
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