Using soft skills to build your career as a CITMA Paralegal

How can you make soft skills work hard for you as a trade mark paralegal? We share tips on everything from communication and managing relationships with senior colleagues to networking and career progression.

29th Apr 2021 | Feature

Beyond Brexit: how is trade mark paralegal work affected?

One month on from the end of the Brexit transition – what are the key things CITMA Paralegals should know about what has changed? We asked the UK IPO to explain.

2nd Feb 2021 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal CPD scheme

Everything you need to know for submitting your eight hours’ CPD this year.

9th Nov 2020 | Feature

Giving paralegals a greater voice

A new CITMA Paralegal committee will provide you with a greater voice and will help inspire more learning and development opportunities, as its chair Dan Hardman-Smart explains.

9th Nov 2020 | Feature

Working from home as a CITMA Paralegal

We spoke to CITMA Paralegal representative Kane Ridley to find out how he manages working from home.

5th May 2020 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal CPD guidelines 

CITMA Paralegal guidance and regulations

Guidance for CITMA Paralegals on completing CPD requirements

CITMA Paralegal CPD and in-house meetings

Guidance on claiming CPD for in-house meetings.

Record your CPD hours

Download our spreadsheet to record your CPD hours.

CITMA Paralegal Competency Framework 

CITMA Paralegal Competency Framework

The CITMA Paralegal competency framework outlines the key skill sets of a CITMA Paralegal. 

CITMA Paralegal events 

CITMA Paralegal Webinar - Oppositions and disputes

22nd Sep 2021 | Paralegal event

CITMA Paralegal Seminar - Managing change

12th Oct 2021 | Paralegal event
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How to make your soft skills work hard for you

Our panel of speakers set out some top tips to improve your organisation and people skills and help you fulfill your career ambitions.

20th Apr 2021 | Event presentation

UK IPO Brexit panel

Senior officials from the UK IPO shared their insight into how your work as a CITMA Paralegal will be affected by Brexit.

26th Jan 2021 | Event presentation

CITMA Paralegal Seminar 2020

Exclusively available to our Paralegal Seminar delegates. Our expert panel of speakers equipped you with the tools needed to become a master at overcoming registration obstacles and fighting successful oppositions.

25th Nov 2020 | Event presentation

Trade mark infringement

In this Paralegal webinar, Mark Bhandal of Forresters was on hand to discuss just what happens after you register a trade mark and how to take action against infringement.

10th Jul 2020 | Event presentation
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CITMA Paralegal Course 

CITMA Paralegal Course

Our Paralegal Course is the official qualification for the trade mark paralegal profession.

CITMA Paralegal Course 2019/20 results

We are delighted to announce the 78 candidates who have successfully passed the 2019/20 CITMA Paralegal Course following September’s exam.

On this year's course? 

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