The Madrid Protocol: Ten pitfalls to be aware of

Essential but imperfect, we all know the Madrid System has its quirks - our ten key tips to navigating it will help you to keep your paralegal practice up to scratch.

5th Jul 2022 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal Representative Review: 2022

Paralegal representative Kane Ridley reflects on a packed year:

1st Jul 2022 | Feature

Brexit a year on: proactivity and planning

Continue to keep Brexit at the back of your mind and double check data – we share some of the top tips from our recent webinar.

10th Mar 2022 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal CPD scheme

Everything you need to know about why we have CPD for CITMA Paralegals and how to complete your eight hours’ CPD this year.

8th Mar 2022 | Feature

How to make a winning return to in-person networking

Networking in person is back – but some professionals may be unsure about returning to the fray. Here are some thoughts on how to put the people you network with at ease.

7th Mar 2022 | Feature

New trade mark formalities introductory course

An online and on demand course to give new trade mark formalities staff a grounding in IP has been launched.

1st Nov 2021 | News

Using soft skills to build your career as a CITMA Paralegal

How can you make soft skills work hard for you as a trade mark paralegal? We share tips on everything from communication and managing relationships with senior colleagues to networking and career progression.

29th Apr 2021 | Feature

Beyond Brexit: how is trade mark paralegal work affected?

One month on from the end of the Brexit transition – what are the key things CITMA Paralegals should know about what has changed? We asked the UK IPO to explain.

2nd Feb 2021 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal CPD guidelines 

CITMA Paralegal guidance and regulations

Guidance for CITMA Paralegals on completing CPD requirements

CITMA Paralegal CPD and in-house meetings

Guidance on claiming CPD for in-house meetings.

Record your CPD hours

Download our spreadsheet to record your CPD hours.

CITMA Paralegal Competency Framework 

CITMA Paralegal Competency Framework

The CITMA Paralegal competency framework outlines the key skill sets of a CITMA Paralegal. 

CITMA Paralegal events 

CITMA Paralegal Seminar

22nd Sep 2022 | Paralegal event

CITMA Paralegal Webinar - Working with non-use requirements

18th Oct 2022 | Paralegal event
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Watch past CITMA Paralegal events 

Everyday controls for staying on top of data protection

Sharing tips to ensure safe handling of client data and compliance with GDPR, this session honed a key skill for paralegals.

25th May 2022 | Event presentation

CITMA Paralegal Webinar - Brexit and the impact on trade marks

Our speakers analysed the key challenges and changes faced since 2021.

17th Feb 2022 | Event presentation

Renewals and maintenance

Edward Brightly of Stobbs IP highlighted the major African regional requirements for trade mark renewals, allowing you to approach different markets with ease.

25th Nov 2021 | Event presentation

Paralegal Seminar

Exclusively available to our Paralegal Seminar delegates. We uncovered how best to manage change at our annual CITMA Paralegal Seminar.

12th Oct 2021 | Event presentation

Oppositions and disputes

This webinar gave a commercial and strategic perspective on trade mark oppositions and their role within a client’s broader portfolio management.

22nd Sep 2021 | Event presentation

Transactions and Recordals

In this Paralegal webinar we highlighted the significance of license recordals to your role as a paralegal and best practice for recording them at the UK IPO and WIPO.

10th Jun 2021 | Event presentation

How to make your soft skills work hard for you

Our panel of speakers set out some top tips to improve your organisation and people skills and help you fulfill your career ambitions as a CITMA Paralegal.

20th Apr 2021 | Event presentation

UK IPO Brexit panel

Senior officials from the UK IPO shared their insight into how your work as a CITMA Paralegal will be affected by Brexit.

26th Jan 2021 | Event presentation
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CITMA Paralegal Course 

CITMA Paralegal Course

Our Paralegal Course is the official qualification for the trade mark paralegal profession.

CITMA Paralegal Course 2020/2021 results

CITMA Paralegal Course 2019/20 results

We are delighted to announce the 78 candidates who have successfully passed the 2019/20 CITMA Paralegal Course following September’s exam.

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