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IP essentials for small businesses

For small businesses, it can be easy to overlook the potential value of intellectual property. We solve some common misconceptions.

22nd Nov 2021 | Blog

The importance of considering IP from the outset

How could considering IP at an early stage help you later on?

10th Nov 2021 | Blog

Walking the line between inspiration and imitation in fashion

There is a fine line between inspiration and imitation, which we all too often see crossed.

1st Nov 2021 | Blog

Copyright and designs in fashion

How does intellectual property work in the fashion industry? An IP expert from Chanel talks us through.

21st Oct 2021 | Blog

Can trade marks and cultural significance coexist?

Why do brand owners keep on making the mistake of trying to register trade marks for names with cultural significance? Yoruba is one that millions have a personal connection with.

6th Oct 2021 | Blog

How should charities protect and enforce their intellectual property

Protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights such as trade marks as a charitable organisation is fundamental to the growth of the charity.

23rd Sep 2021 | Blog

Caterpillars, trade marks and social media

How should brand owners approach the legal and reputational impacts of taking action to protect their trade marks?

20th Jul 2021 | Blog

Trade marks in the football industry

Football players, clubs and governing bodies will go to great lengths to protect their brands – from Cristiano Ronaldo to Dulwich Hamlet, Euro 2020 to the UEFA Nations League, we take a look at what they own and why.

12th Jul 2021 | Blog
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