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Leverage your brand to build a successful business

Your brand has never been a more important part of building a business in the food and drink sector - how to you leverage it to make your business a success?

1st Jul 2020 | Blog

Which food and drink companies got there first?

To what lengths did Bass Brewery go to secure the UK’s first registered trade mark? We take a historical look at the early UK trade mark registrations you’ll still recognise today.

29th Jun 2020 | Blog

15 top IP tips for food and drink brands

Branding is vital to your product standing out – what do you need to know to protect it?

11th Jun 2020 | Blog

Packaging – why a design registration could protect your look

Packaging is part of your visual identity so you need to protect it, particularly in crowded markets like the food and drink sector.

11th Jun 2020 | Blog

Who’s the Boss? Craft brewers vs the big boys

Craft brewers are synonymous with innovative names for beers – but what happens when their brands clash with the registered trade marks of big names?

11th Jun 2020 | Blog

Blending trade marks: a recipe for success?

How is merging words to create brand names like Nayonaise, Tofurky and Ginspire about to take off in the food and drink sector?

10th Jun 2020 | Blog

How valuable are food and beverage trade marks?

Brands are vital to any organisation operating in the food and beverage manufacturing business.

10th Jun 2020 | Blog

Trade marks for craft beer brands

As craft beer goes mainstream, how should brewers go about protecting their brands?

10th Jun 2020 | Blog
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