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Trade mark strategies of celebrity chefs

We have an insatiable appetite for celebrity chef’s restaurants, recipes and cookware – we take a look at how, from Jamie to Nadiya, they protect and use their brands.

28th Jul 2020 | Blog

Protecting your food and drink brand in a new world

Lockdown has forced the hospitality industry to adapt and change overnight.

23rd Jul 2020 | Blog

Packaging trade marks

What packaging cues and looks can you protect with a trade mark? We show you how these help food and drink makers protect their brands.

21st Jul 2020 | Blog

What features of food and drink can be a trade mark?

Taste and smell are integral to food and drink manufacturers appealing to consumers’ senses – but can they be protected as trade marks?

16th Jul 2020 | Blog

How to energise your drinks brand

How do Red Bull and Monster use their reputations to energise their IP portfolios? We share the lessons that can help businesses in the drinks sector thrive.

14th Jul 2020 | Blog

Non-traditional trade marks – bottle shapes

Distinctive bottle shapes and packaging can be protected as a trade mark, this can be valuable to food and drink manufacturers to help them to stand out, we explore the details.

9th Jul 2020 | Blog

Geographical indications explained

Not just a tasty-sounding combination. Stilton and Cornish pasties cannot be used on just any cheese or pasty product. This is because they’re protected by geographical indications (GIs).

7th Jul 2020 | Blog

Leverage your brand to build a successful business

Your brand has never been a more important part of building a business in the food and drink sector - how to you leverage it to make your business a success?

1st Jul 2020 | Blog
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