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Fashion fakes and TikTok trends: protecting products in an online age

TikTok must now be one of the most popular, fast-growing social media apps globally. Starting off as a platform mostly used to post dance routines and lip-sync videos, it has turned into a highly influential advertising platform.

23rd Apr 2024 | Blog
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Shake, shake, shake: Taylor Swift’s masterclass in rebranding

Taylor Swift is not only a singer, songwriter, and GRAMMY Award-winning artist; she's also a storyteller, marketer, branding and rebranding genius.

19th Apr 2024 | Blog
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Reaching for the stars? How merchandising became the film industry’s golden ticket.

In a galaxy far, far, away… in a land also known as Hollywood, George Lucas had a vision: to make a Western called Star Wars which was set in outer-space.

9th Apr 2024 | Blog
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Has Steamboat Willie run out of steam?

As the clock struck midnight and 2023 came to a close, so too did the copyright protection afforded to the earliest version of Mickey Mouse – does that mean anyone can now use and make money from this iconic character?

29th Jan 2024 | Blog
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Adidas vs. Puma: the sibling rivalry and trade mark disputes

The battle between Adidas and Puma goes way beyond the fashion world. 

22nd Jan 2024 | Blog
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Understanding the exponential rise in counterfeit goods

With an estimated 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, it is unsurprising that counterfeiters have found a way to use social media platforms to promote and create additional lucrative sales channels.

22nd Jan 2024 | Blog
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Fashion icons and IP: Examining Christian Dior's impact on the IP landscape

Intellectual property is all about innovation and progress - like a designer who created the ‘New Look’ and moved fashion forwards into a new decade.

22nd Jan 2024 | Blog
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Fashion: What's in a name?

Well, quite a lot really.

22nd Jan 2024 | Blog
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