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The X Factor name game

Why did trade marks cause Little Mix and other X Factor acts to change their names? Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Clare Mann explains.

29th Nov 2018 | Blog

Can I lose my trade mark?

Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Adam Kellett shares five ways you could actually end up losing your registered trade mark rights, and how you can avoid doing so.

26th Nov 2018 | Blog

How brands are keeping up with consumers

We are used to seeing logos and words used a trade marks, but there is a world of other devices being used by brands in today's connected world to catch our attention.

13th Nov 2018 | Blog

How do supermarkets get away with ‘lookalike’ own-brands?

Supermarket shelves are full of own-brand products that mimic leading brands. Ever wondered just how they get away with it? 

29th Oct 2018 | Blog

What can Jack Daniels and Metallica teach us about protecting intellectual property?

Jack Daniels, Metallica and Netflix - all have tried to protect their intellectual property by sending letters. But which showed us how it should and which how it shouldn’t be done.

17th Oct 2018 | Blog

Six tips for protecting your brand online

How do you stop counterfeits and copycats online? We give six top tips businesses should follow.

17th Oct 2018 | Blog

Celebrity trade mark hall of fame

Kim Kardashian, David Beckham, Rihanna - they all have one thing in common - trade marks. See which other celebrities made our trade marks hall of fame.

17th Oct 2018 | Blog

Five misconceptions new businesses owners should know about

You have registered your name at companies house, are you protected from someone copying it? The answer may surprise you.

17th Oct 2018 | Blog
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