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What you need to register a trade mark

The fundamentals you need to successfully obtain a trade mark.

23rd Nov 2020 | Blog

Eight reasons to register your trade mark now

We explore the benefits of registering your trade mark early in a digital age.

10th Nov 2020 | Blog

Seven tips to get a cost-efficient trade mark

Our top seven tips to registering your trade mark without breaking the bank.

29th Oct 2020 | Blog

Fighting back against the copycats

What are your options when copycats come knocking on your door? We explore the benefits of IPEC.

6th Oct 2020 | Blog

Brand Greta

How does protecting your brand have relevance for protecting the planet? We discuss issues relating to impersonation, the ethics of trade marking, and the importance of trade marks for not-for-profits.

22nd Sep 2020 | Blog

Public performance rights… and wrongs

How can politicians use music during their campaigns, seemingly without the artist's consent?

21st Sep 2020 | Blog

Double trouble

In the space of a month, two identical trade marks were filed for the same categories of products and services – is this allowed?

15th Sep 2020 | Blog

Brand evolution and anti-racism – trade mark lessons

The steps you need to consider when adapting your brand and what you can learn from other brands that have made changes.

14th Sep 2020 | Blog
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