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Get creative with your trade marks

How does a creative trade mark strategy help a brand to build a stronger relationship with the consumer?

4th May 2021 | Blog

How your trade mark adds value to your business 

Owning a registered trade mark is like having another key member of your team – constantly working to bring you success.  

8th Mar 2021 | Blog

Cultural (mis)appropriation in trade marks

What do Kim Kardashian West’s fashion line Kimono Solutionwear and the Washington Redskins have in common? They are among the increasing number of brands accused of cultural (mis)appropriation.

22nd Feb 2021 | Blog

What has happened to your EU trade marks?

If you owned an EU trade mark at the end of 2020 you now also own an identical UK one, created automatically and for free – we explore what businesses need to know.

19th Jan 2021 | Blog

Trade marks at Christmas

You may be surprised to know that some companies own trade marks for some well-known Christmas phrases, we explore some of the more famous examples.

18th Dec 2020 | Blog

The story of Santa and Coca-Cola

Learn about the history of Santa and be inspired about Coca-Cola’s bold move to adopt him for its marketing campaign.

9th Dec 2020 | Blog

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas IP…

Can a Christmas tree be protected as a trade mark? We take a festive look at the intellectual property found in tree shapes.

3rd Dec 2020 | Blog

What you need to register a trade mark

The fundamentals you need to successfully obtain a trade mark.

23rd Nov 2020 | Blog
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