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Double trouble

In the space of a month, two identical trade marks were filed for the same categories of products and services – is this allowed?

15th Sep 2020 | Blog

Brand evolution and anti-racism – trade mark lessons

The steps you need to consider when adapting your brand and what you can learn from other brands that have made changes.

14th Sep 2020 | Blog

Brand evolution and anti-racism– a trade mark perspective

How has the corporate world responded to the calls for a more inclusive and diverse society? We dive into the details from a trade mark perspective.

14th Sep 2020 | Blog

Environmental credentials are hotter than ever

We investigate the innovative changes brands have made to pave the way, and what business owners should consider when promoting their goods or services as ‘environmentally friendly’.

7th Sep 2020 | Blog

The Inside Scoop

How Unilever successfully stopped someone from registering a similar trade mark in relation to ice cream and similar goods and services.

14th Aug 2020 | Blog

The same but different: how Unilever’s branding lives from the heart

Why does Unilever use different words to accompany the Heartbrand logo when the standard advice is to use trade marks in a consistent and uniform way?

10th Aug 2020 | Blog


Unravel the details of the Halloumi v BBQLOUMI battle.

7th Aug 2020 | Blog

What IP is at your summer garden party?

Brands create trust by protecting themselves against competitors.

5th Aug 2020 | Blog
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