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Why Campbell’s succeeded where McDonald’s failed

The differing recent fortunes of Campbell’s and McDonald’s trade marks highlight the need for businesses to document use of trade marks, as Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Graeme Murray explains.

19th Feb 2019 | Blog

The vape escape: how brand owners can fight back

Red Bull, Ferrara Candy Co. and Wrigley are amongst the hundreds of food and drink brand names to have been used by vaping companies. These brand owners are fighting back.

6th Feb 2019 | Blog

Copyright in gaming — why is everyone suing Fortnite?

The incredible success of gaming sensation Fortnite has sparked a number of high-profile legal battles over the copyright of elements of the game, as Akber Ahmed explains.

31st Jan 2019 | Blog

How McDonald’s lost its Big Mac trade mark

How did Irish burger chain Supermac’s manage to get the Big Mac trade mark cancelled across the EU? The answer lies in the lack of evidence presented by McDonald’s as Daniel Bailey explains.

22nd Jan 2019 | Blog

10 myths of trade mark law unlocked

Can you register common English words as trade marks? Are ® and ™ symbols the same? We asked a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney to unlock some common myths of trade mark law.

3rd Jan 2019 | Blog

Apprentice final - a trade mark view

What can we learn from the trade marks filed by this year’s Apprentice finalists Camilla and Sian? Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Richard Ferguson investigates.   

17th Dec 2018 | Blog

The X Factor name game

Why did trade marks cause Little Mix and other X Factor acts to change their names? Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Clare Mann explains.

29th Nov 2018 | Blog

Can I lose my trade mark?

Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Adam Kellett shares five ways you could actually end up losing your registered trade mark rights, and how you can avoid doing so.

26th Nov 2018 | Blog
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