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Tips to make your trade mark filing easier

Filing your trade marks is an important step in the early days of any enterprise or venture, and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

12th Sep 2023 | Blog
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What to do with a cease and desist

If you receive a cease and desist letter or accusation of infringement related to your trade mark or IP, responding efficiently is crucial – we lay out the steps that you should take.

17th Jul 2023 | Blog
Coca Cola

The evolution of the Coca-Cola Logo

In 2022, Coca-Cola’s brand was valued at 97.9 billion U.S. dollars – a long way from its humble beginnings in 1886 in a pharmacy in downtown Atlanta. How did it shoot to global fame?

26th Jun 2023 | Blog
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What does artificial intelligence mean for the future of intellectual property?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to have a seismic impact on intellectual property, and understanding this change is vital.

19th May 2023 | Blog
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Sherlock Holmes has entered the public domain – what does it mean?

Finally, Sherlock Holmes has cracked the public domain in all relevant jurisdictions, and we’re investigating what that means for him.

20th Apr 2023 | Blog
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What can we learn from Apple's trade mark universe?

From store layouts to its universally known logo, Apple has used trade marks to build an unmatched global empire.

15th Mar 2023 | Blog
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Cease and desist letters: The good the bad and the ugly

Branding, and the values it represents, is at the core of all businesses. But what happens if someone else uses that brand without permission?

3rd Feb 2023 | Blog
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Copyright and video games

How does the gaming industry use IP protection to create new, exciting projects?  We explore how game creators keep making bestselling work. 

16th Jan 2023 | Blog
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