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Descriptive dating: balancing trade mark enforcement with PR

Legal and reputational risks associated with enforcing trade mark rights have been a hot topic of conversation these last few years.

15th Jul 2022 | Blog

Non fungible tokens: Between gold-rush fever and sustainable digital investment

In many ways, so-called "non-fungible tokens" or "NFTs" are currently the talk of the town.

20th Jun 2022 | Blog

The Royal relationship with trade marks

With the Royal reputation known worldwide, we explore the relationship between the Royal Family and trade marks.

1st Jun 2022 | Blog

Discover the role of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

You could be checking intellectual property on a superstar’s tattoos one day, and pursuing criminal counterfeiters the next – the role of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney is varied and fascinating.

21st Apr 2022 | Blog

Cosmetics and Copyright – Battling the Copycats

Just like the fashion industry, the cosmetic industry is seeing more and more copycat products.

12th Apr 2022 | Blog

Clothing trade marks reach new peaks

In mid-2021, the plight of a small Welsh clothing company was reported on by various news outlets.

23rd Mar 2022 | Blog

Jif, Cif: What if trade marks differ around the world?

With foresight and planning, harmonising your trade marks globally can open up a world of opportunity.

23rd Feb 2022 | Blog

Disney: the ultimate brand defender?

Disney has the ability to take a fairy tale of good versus evil and turn it into a multi-billion-dollar brand, without the assistance of a fairy godmother.

10th Feb 2022 | Blog
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