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We have a number of trade mark experts available for interview on all areas of trade mark law and practice. CITMA regularly contributes to radio, television, magazine and newspaper articles on matters relating to trade marks.

Please contact Head of PR & Communications, Richard Hayward:
T: 0207 101 6097

Selected recent media coverage 

21st December 2018 - World IP Review
Our latest opinions on Brexit and intellectual property

1st November 2018 - talkRADIO
Kate O'Rourke discusses post-Brexit trade marks

26th September 2018 - IP Pro The Internet
CITMA President Tania Clark's response to Government no-deal papers

13th April 2018 - Managing IP
Interview with new CITMA President Tania Clark

5th December 2017 - Law Society Gazette
Publication of our Brexit business case

24th November 2017 - World Trademark Review
CITMA's first anniversary of Royal Charter

5th November 2017 - The Sunday Times
CITMA President Kate O'Rourke quoted on the importance of small businesses seeking professional trade mark advice

7th September 2017 - IP Pro - 'Unitary IP rights should continue post-Brexit, says EU'
Coverage of CITMA's response to EU position paper on IP

24th August 2017 - BBC South Today - Thirsty Beasts trade mark case
CITMA's Chris Mcleod discussed the Thirsty Beasts v Monster trade mark case

21st July 2017 - Various publications - CITMA publishes position paper on Brexit
Coverage of our Brexit position in Managing IP, World IP Review, IP Pro

3rd July 2017 - Tech City News - 'How can tech startups protect their IP post Brexit?'
CITMA's post-Brexit EU trade marks scenarios

26th May 2017 - Intellectual Property Magazine - 'Women in IP'
CITMA President Kate O'Rourke comments on women in the IP professions

4th May 2017 - Managing Intellectual Property 
Kate O'Rourke provides insight into trade marks post-Brexit. 

3rd May 2017 - Law Society Gazette - 'IP 'threats' law survives general election wash-up'
CITMA member Simon Miles provides comment on the IP (Unjustified Threats) Bill

22nd February 2017 - BBC Radio Five Live - KitKat case
CITMA Treasurer Clare Jackman discusses recent KitKat trade mark appeal

31st December 2016 - Business Insider - '11 of the most unusual company and celebrity trademark applications'
CITMA's trade mark 'hall of fame'

21st December 2016 - Business Grapevine - 'Why 'brand' is not a buzzword'
Role of Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys in brand protection discussed

15th December 2016 - Real Business - 'Businesses thriving in a highly competitive global market are keen to invest in the knowledge economy'
CITMA President Kate O'Rourke discusses the importance of protecting investment in brands

28th November 2016 - Corporate Vision - 'Brand power'
CITMA member Mark Foreman on the importance of Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys 

24th November 2016 - various publications - CITMA Royal Charter 
Coverage of our launch as CITMA included in Design Week, World IP Review, New Law Journal, Managing IP, IP Pro, IP Magazine and New Business

11th October 2016 - BBC Radio 1 - 'Music by Numbers'
Past-President Chris McLeod discusses Little Mix's trade marks

24th September 2016 - BBC Radio Five Live - 'Iceland'
Past-President Chris McLeod discusses the Iceland v Iceland trade mark dispute

19th August 2016 - Managing Intellectual Property 
Report on CITMA's possible trade mark scenarios post-Brexit

16th August 2016 - BBC Radio 5Live - 'Specsavers trade mark'
CITMA First Vice President Tania Clark discusses the Specsavers 'should've' trade mark

12th July 2016 - The Guardian
CITMA President Kate O'Rourke discusses registering the word Brexit as a trade mark. 

5th July 2016 - BBC News - 'McDonald's wins EU 'Mac'-ruling'
CITMA's Chris McLeod quoted on McDonald's trade mark ruling

24th June 2016 - World Trademark Review - '“Don’t panic”: call for calm as Brexit vote creates uncertainty over future scope of trademark protection'
President Kate O'Rourke responds to the EU Referendum result 

26th May 2016 - TalkSPORT - 'Jose Mourinho trade mark'
CITMA 2nd Vice-President Richard Goddard discusses Chelsea's 'Jose Mourinho' trade mark

26th May 2016 - World IP Review
CITMA President Kate O'Rourke writes on US and EU trade mark law

12th May 2016 - The Daily Telegraph - 'Is Clarkson signalling his displeasure to BBC?'
Chris McLeod quoted about the name of Jeremy Clarkson's new programme

5th May 2016 - The IPKat - 'ITMA lifts the lid on Trunki'
Report on the ITMA Designs Seminar

19th April 2016 - World IP Review 
The election of Kate O'Rourke MBE as ITMA President

13th April 2016 - various publications - 'ITMA granted a Royal Charter'
News of ITMA's Royal Charter, covered by numerous publications

11th April 2016 - World Trademark Review - 'On the brink of change? What a ‘Brexit’ could mean for trademark practitioners'
Chris McLeod discusses the potential impact of a 'Brexit' on the trade mark profession

29th March 2016 - Solicitors Journal - 'Trunki: Registered design law clarified'
John Coldham, ITMA Designs & Copyright Working Group, discusses the Trunki Supreme Court decision

2nd March 2016 - BBC Radio Five Live - 'Kylie Jenner v Kylie Minogue trade mark dispute'
ITMA President Chris McLeod interviewed about celebrity trade marks, following news of 'Kylie' trade mark dispute

16th February 2016 - Solicitors Journal - 'EU trade mark reforms'
ITMA President Chris McLeod discusses upcoming changes to EU trade marks

9th February 2016 - World IP Review - 'Fighting counterfeits: goods in transit in the EU'
ITMA President Chris McLeod shares his thoughts on goods in transit in the EU

16th December 2015 - World IP Review - 'EU Parliament passes trademark reforms'
ITMA President Chris McLeod comments on EU trade mark reforms

2rd December 2015 - World IP Review - 'IP organisations unveil diversity initiative'
ITMA President Chris McLeod comments on launch of IP Inclusive

11th November 2015 - World IP Review - 'IPEC dishes out maximum £500k fine to bogus IPO'
ITMA President Chris McLeod comments on record fine for fake IPO

26th October 2015 - BBC Radio Berkshire - Royal trade marks
ITMA President Chris McLeod comments on royal trade marks

9th October 2015 - World IP Review - 'Protecting pork and apples'
ITMA President Chris McLeod pens article on protecting traditional product names

17th September 2015 - The Guardian
ITMA President Chris McLeod comments on ECJU decision

Autumn 2015 - Innovation Into Success - 'Trade mark issues and intellectual property'
Question and answer feature with ITMA President Chris McLeod

7th July 2015 - Fresh Business Thinking - 'Small businesses lead increase in trade mark registrations'
Figures reveal increase in trade mark registrations

7th July 2015 - The Retail Bulletin - 'Supermarkets among the most prolific trade mark filers'
Supermarkets revealed as top filers of trade marks

25th May 2015 - The London Economic - 'IP: Combatting the Production of Counterfeit Goods'
ITMA President Chris McLeod pens article on preventing counterfeiting

13th January 2015 - Bloomberg Business - 'Europcar May Have to Alter Logo That Court Says Infringed Rival'
ITMA member Jerry Bridge-Butler discusses Europcar trade mark case