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Trade marks, designs, business and Brexit

We set out the business case for clarity, collaboration & concerted action on post-Brexit IP.

5th Dec 2017 | Brexit

CITMA Brexit position paper

Our position on post-Brexit registered intellectual property rights (trade marks and designs) and rights of representation

12th Jul 2017 | Brexit


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Government commits to 'cloning' EU trade marks and designs

The UK Government committs to 'cloning' all EU trade marks and designs onto the UK registers on Brexit, even if there is no deal.

25th Sep 2018 | News

Government updates position on rights of representation

The UK Government is seeking an arrangement whereby UK and EU legal representatives can jointly support clients with cases before EU institutions post-Brexit.

24th Jul 2018 | News

Government gives further reassurance of EU trade marks in the UK

The UK Government has given further reassurances to business that EU intellectual property rights will continue to be protected in the UK post-Brexit, and in a further development, at no-cost.

20th Jul 2018 | News

Government publishes Brexit White Paper

The UK Government published its proposed 'blueprint' for the future, post-Brexit, relationship between the UK and EU across a wide range of areas including trade marks.

12th Jul 2018 | News

Joint statement on pending EUTM applications

Our joint response to the European Commission's approach to pending EU trade mark and registered design applications.

13th Jun 2018 | Brexit

APPG on legal and constitutional affairs inquiry submission

Our submission to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

25th May 2018 | Brexit

Pan-European Brexit IP statement published

A number of European intellectual property (IP) organisations, including CITMA, have issued a joint statement on Brexit to the European Commission.

27th Mar 2018 | News

Joint statement on trade marks and designs

AIM, APRAM, BMM, CITMA, ECTA, INTA and MARQUES, set out proposed solutions to some of the issues posed by IP post-Brexit.

23rd Mar 2018 | Brexit
Brexit news

Trade marks

Trade marks - Tuvalu and Montenegro scenarios

This document expands upon the ‘Montenegro’ and ‘Tuvalu’ scenarios we outlined in CITMA’s ‘EU registered rights - trade mark’ document.

19th Jan 2017 | Brexit

EU registered rights - trade marks

Read our original scenarios analysis of how EU trade marks could be handled post-Brexit.

19th Aug 2016 | Brexit


Registered designs

Registered designs - Tuvalu and Montenegro scenarios

This document expands upon the 'Montenegro' and 'Tuvalu' scenarios we outlined in CITMA's 'EU registered rights - designs' document.

27th Jan 2017 | Brexit

EU registered rights - designs

Our original analysis of the possible scenarios for post-Brexit intellectual property.

19th Aug 2016 | Brexit


Rights of representation

Professional representation update

Our updated briefing looking at the issues and options with regards to rights of representation.

30th Jan 2017 | Brexit

Professional representation before the EUIPO post-Brexit

Read our guidance on rights of representation post-Brexit.

12th Aug 2016 | Brexit