Re-registered international designs now available

25th Feb 2021

International designs designating the EU that were registered before 1st January 2021 are now available to view or search on the UK register.


To ensure continuation of protection in the UK after the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December, all international designs registered via the Hague System that designated the EU were re-registered in the UK. 

Although fully effective in the UK from 1st January 2021, these rights were not previously available to view on the UK Intellectual Property Office’s (UK IPO) website. 

Re-registered international designs have been given their full international registration (EU) number prefixed with the digit ‘8’ on the UK register

Pending applications

In cases where an international design was applied for before 1st January 2021 but not registered, or the publication deferred, the holder has a period of nine months to apply for the same right in the UK. 

This application would be subject to standard UK application fees and examination requirements.

Click here for more detailed information from the UK IPO on re-registered international designs

International trade marks

International trade marks registered via the Madrid System that designated the EU have been re-created in the same way, although these have been available to view on the UK IPO register since 4th January. 

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