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What is a trade mark?

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Copyrights and Christmas ads

Tis the season to be jolly… but not when copyright and trade mark rights come into conflict with Christmas TV ads.

3rd Dec 2021 | Blog

IP essentials for small businesses

For small businesses, it can be easy to overlook the potential value of intellectual property. We solve some common misconceptions.

22nd Nov 2021 | Blog

The importance of considering IP from the outset

How could considering IP at an early stage help you later on?

10th Nov 2021 | Blog

Walking the line between inspiration and imitation in fashion

There is a fine line between inspiration and imitation, which we all too often see crossed.

1st Nov 2021 | Blog
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CITMA Webinar - What UK practitioners need to know about US trade mark law

8th Dec 2021 | Webinar

IP Inclusive - Better decision making (and how diversity can work)

9th Dec 2021 | IP Inclusive

CITMA Webinar - UK case law update

15th Dec 2021 | Webinar

CITMA Webinar - Designs: when trade mark law is not enough

1st Feb 2022 | Webinar
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Marked for defeat

This decision was as easy as ABC, says David Yeomans.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

Defendant surely feeling its oats

Beverley Robinson shares her unique insights into a topical case.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

The secret of a success

Katherine Thompson reveals the reasons behind a failed invalidation attempt.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

Hard times for Easy marks

Emilia Petrossian gives her view of the latest case involving a well-known family.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment
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Our updated competency framework for Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys

We have updated our advanced competency framework – your guide to the technical and general skills of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney.

17th Nov 2021 | News

Trade mark protection for the European shoe manufacturing industry

Fashion is inarguably one of Europe’s key exports from both an economic and a cultural perspective, and shoes are among its most distinctive elements. Only by rigorously protecting brand identity and fair competition can this valuable market sustain its success.

16th Nov 2021 | Feature

New law to correct ‘unfair imbalance’

A new route to counter challenge will be made available at the UK IPO to correct an ‘unfair imbalance’ between UK IPO and EUIPO practices.

16th Nov 2021 | News

Our partnership with Raconteur

We are to partner with Raconteur for its intellectual property supplement, read by over 1 million people, again in 2021. 

16th Nov 2021 | News
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