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UK IPO publicises short and mid term priorities

The UK IPO has asserted their commitment to deliver all trade mark examinations within 10 days, reach net zero and establish themselves as the best IP office in the world.

19th May 2022 | News

The London Legal Walk is returning

Following our fundraising success at last year’s London Legal Walk, the CITMA team will be taking on the 10k challenge once again this June.

18th May 2022 | News

Members raise funds for mental health charity

CITMA members have raised £438 for intellectual property mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice simply by completing our membership survey.

10th May 2022 | News

LawCare expands online chat service

LawCare is increasing its online chat provision to four days per week to better support legal professionals.

10th May 2022 | News
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UK government announces no action on exhaustion

The government needs more time to explore the UK’s future exhaustion of intellectual property (IP) regime meaning there will be no imminent change, it has announced.

18th Jan 2022 | News

Deadline looms for pending EU rights

Earlier UK filing dates for some 70,000 trade marks are still eligible to claimed with the deadline just six weeks away.

19th Aug 2021 | News

UK IPO's warning about priority filings

Just ten weeks remain until the filing deadline for UK priority applications based on rights that were pending at the EUIPO on 1st January 2021.

21st Jul 2021 | News

May 2021 - post-Brexit Q&A

Five months on from the end of the Brexit transition period we wanted to tie up some of the loose ends and provide as much clarity as possible on some of the technical points we have been raising with the UK IPO on your behalf.

12th May 2021 | Brexit
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A view from a single parent - entry into the trade mark profession

For Kathy Wright, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney since 2014, overcoming the challenges of single parenthood was key to allowing her career to thrive.

10th May 2022 | Feature

Is it worth protecting your brand in China?

New trade mark legislation has helped combat bad faith trade mark applications in China but it’s still important to file as early as possible, Jamie Rowlands told our Spring Conference.

22nd Mar 2022 | Feature

The role of networking and mentorship in protecting the diversity of the trade mark community

At our Spring Conference, Emma Himsworth QC lay out the close relationship between strong mentoring and networking opportunities, and preserving the diversity of the trade mark and IP community.

22nd Mar 2022 | Feature

Brexit a year on: proactivity and planning

Continue to keep Brexit at the back of your mind and double check data – we share some of the top tips from our recent webinar.

10th Mar 2022 | Feature


CITMA Review features:

ADR : Anyone for ENE?

Denise McFarland explains why it is time to give a lesser‑known form of dispute resolution its due

3rd May 2022 | CITMA Review

UKTMs: Moving beyond Brexit

Robert Reading has dissected last year’s UK filing numbers and delivers his trend highlights

3rd May 2022 | CITMA Review

Strategy: Token efforts

NFTs are the talk of the town. But how do they intersect with IP strategy? Our authors explain

3rd May 2022 | CITMA Review

Professional development: Six ways to prospect effectively while WFH

Bernard Savage shows us how to keep visibility high in hybrid times

3rd May 2022 | CITMA Review

Case comments

Unkindest cut

Charlie Bond reports on why a mark didn’t sufficiently stand out

3rd May 2022 | Case comment

eBay is hard to beat

A big reputation paid off, says Gavin Stenton

3rd May 2022 | Case comment

Intimate details

Theresa Castle lays bare the facts in a dispute between two healthcare marks

3rd May 2022 | Case comment

Case for caution

​​​​​​​Post‑Brexit complexity means continuing to tread carefully, suggests Tania Clark

3rd May 2022 | Case comment
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