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Interrupted days continue at the UK IPO

The UK IPO will review its 'interrupted days' period on 22nd June.

1st Jun 2020 | News

EUIPO extensions are ending

The EUIPO's extensions of deadlines and time limits are ending.

15th May 2020 | News

UK IPO oppositions during ‘interrupted days’

The UK IPO has provided clarification on filing oppositions during its ‘interrupted days’ period.

11th May 2020 | News

EUIPO extends deadlines

The EUIPO has extended deadlines and time limits.

29th Apr 2020 | News
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UK IPO deadline extensions to end

The UK IPO has announced its ‘interrupted days’ will finish at the end of July.

22nd Jun 2020 | News

Get to know our Second Vice-President and Treasurer

This week, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on our Second Vice-President and Treasurer, Kelly Saliger.

17th Jun 2020 | News

Demand for EU trade marks grow

The EUIPO saw a 5.2% growth in trade mark filings compared to 2018 as stated in its latest annual report.

16th Jun 2020 | News

We've updated our website

Booking events and updating your address is now easier. Plus, we have enhanced the Find a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney directory.

15th Jun 2020 | News
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Parliamentary questions

In recent weeks several written Parliamentary Questions have been asked on the issues of rights of representation and UK address for service.

19th Jun 2020 | Brexit

UK Government sets out negotiation position on IP

The UK Government is open to cooperation with the EU on intellectual property and is seeking to ensure high standards of protection for trade marks and designs.

28th Feb 2020 | News

UK will be part of EU IP system during transition

The UK will continue to be part of the EU trade mark and design system until 31st December 2020, following ratification of the UK’s EU Withdrawal Agreement.

29th Jan 2020 | News

Brexit - what happens next?

What is now likely to happen to registered EU Trade Marks and Registered Community Designs, and rights of representation for UK professional representatives before the EUIPO? (UPDATED 28th January 2020)

9th Jan 2020 | Brexit
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Case comments

Sky launches another attack

A figurative addition didn’t guarantee distinctiveness, reports Jasmine Sihre. B 3 079 387, Sky Ltd v Guangdong Dabanya Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, EUIPO, 17th March 2020.

8th Jun 2020 | Case comment

Is Monster out of energy?

Its recent opposition certainly missed the mark, writes Emila Petrossian. B 2 399 957, Monster Energy Company v Hollywood Marketing SLU (t/a, EUIPO, 13th March 2020.

8th Jun 2020 | Case comment

Court says no to Nokia

An unusual opinion on pronunciation caught the eye of Rose Smalley. B 3 082 511, Nokia Corporation v Shenzhen Road Zhengtong Trading Co. Ltd, EUIPO, 5th March 2020 .

8th Jun 2020 | Case comment

Going for global

Roshani Muniweera offers the tale of a problematic appeals decision. C-328/18 P, Equivalenza Manufactory SL v EUIPO, CJEU, 4th March 2020.

8th Jun 2020 | Case comment
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