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Our updated competency framework for Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys

We have updated our advanced competency framework – your guide to the technical and general skills of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney.

17th Nov 2021 | News

New law to correct ‘unfair imbalance’

A new route to counter challenge will be made available at the UK IPO to correct an ‘unfair imbalance’ between UK IPO and EUIPO practices.

16th Nov 2021 | News

Our partnership with Raconteur

We are to partner with Raconteur for its intellectual property supplement, read by over 1 million people, again in 2021. 

16th Nov 2021 | News

Chris Cook obituary

It is with great sadness that we report the untimely death of Christopher “Chris” Cook.

9th Nov 2021 | News
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Deadline looms for pending EU rights

Earlier UK filing dates for some 70,000 trade marks are still eligible to claimed with the deadline just six weeks away.

19th Aug 2021 | News

UK IPO's warning about priority filings

Just ten weeks remain until the filing deadline for UK priority applications based on rights that were pending at the EUIPO on 1st January 2021.

21st Jul 2021 | News

May 2021 - post-Brexit Q&A

Five months on from the end of the Brexit transition period we wanted to tie up some of the loose ends and provide as much clarity as possible on some of the technical points we have been raising with the UK IPO on your behalf.

12th May 2021 | Brexit

UK IPO extends bulk change of address service

The UK IPO has announced that it is extending its bulk change of address service until 30th September 2021.

15th Mar 2021 | News
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Trade mark protection for the European shoe manufacturing industry

Fashion is inarguably one of Europe’s key exports from both an economic and a cultural perspective, and shoes are among its most distinctive elements. Only by rigorously protecting brand identity and fair competition can this valuable market sustain its success.

16th Nov 2021 | Feature

Own your career development: seven tips for building your dream career in IP

The trade mark sector is a rich and vibrant part of the legal industry and there are a huge variety of career routes.

10th Nov 2021 | Feature

CITMA Paralegal CPD scheme

Everything you need to know for submitting your eight hours’ CPD this year.

28th Oct 2021 | Feature

The benefits of keeping disputes out of court

Litigation can be a lengthy and costly way to tackle intellectual property disputes, but it is not the only way for opposing parties to resolve their differences.

19th Oct 2021 | Feature

CITMA Review

Our magazine gives you features and case comments that will help you enhance your knowledge. 

CITMA Review November 2021 PDF

Read the full copy of your November 2021 CITMA Review

8th Nov 2021 | CITMA Review

CITMA Review - September 21

Read the September/October issue of CITMA Review online.

20th Aug 2021 | CITMA Review

CITMA Review July 21

Read the July/August issue of CITMA Review online.

18th Jun 2021 | CITMA Review

CITMA Review May 21

Read the May/June issue of CITMA Review online.

22nd Apr 2021 | CITMA Review
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Case comments

Marked for defeat

This decision was as easy as ABC, says David Yeomans.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

Defendant surely feeling its oats

Beverley Robinson shares her unique insights into a topical case.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

The secret of a success

Katherine Thompson reveals the reasons behind a failed invalidation attempt.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment

Hard times for Easy marks

Emilia Petrossian gives her view of the latest case involving a well-known family.

8th Nov 2021 | Case comment
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