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LawCare's impact report

Stress, depression and bullying are the most common problems according to LawCare's latest impact report.

22nd Jan 2020 | News

Advanced Competency Framework for Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys

We have published an advanced competency framework which outlines the key skill sets of an experienced Chartered Trade Mark Attorney.

22nd Jan 2020 | News

'A year for new things'

IP Inclusive's annual report showcases the impact the organisation has had on the IP community.

22nd Jan 2020 | News

Fit for Law

Combat stress with a new resource called 'Fit for Law', designed specifically for law professionals.

17th Jan 2020 | News
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Brexit - what happens next?

What is now likely to happen to registered EU Trade Marks and Registered Community Designs, and rights of representation for UK professional representatives before the EUIPO?

9th Jan 2020 | Brexit

Possible ‘No-Deal’ Brexit: Implications on International Applications and Registrations

WIPO has published information about how users rights would be preserved – and how to safeguard those rights – in a no deal scenario.

30th Sep 2019 | Brexit

New no-deal Brexit guidance on trade marks

The UK Government has published new guidance on trade marks if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

20th Sep 2019 | News

Our response to a new Prime Minister

Following the announcement that Boris Johnson will be the new Prime Minister we have issued the following statement.

23rd Jul 2019 | News
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Case comments

Gold bottle battle

Gold bottle battle makes EUIPO position on trade mark colour clear.

10th Dec 2019 | Case comment

Bath time drama

The Intellectual Property Act 2014 removed “aspects” from the definition of a UK unregistered design right. Cue confusion.

9th Dec 2019 | Case comment

Choice words

Bonita Trimmer notes this CJEU clarification on jurisdiction. C-172/18, AMS Neve v Heritage Audio, CJEU, 5th September 2019.

9th Dec 2019 | Case comment

No gunk, no confusion

Caroline Phillips points out why the Fast Track is not always the best route. O/473/19, NO GUNK NO JUNK (Opposition), UK IPO, 13th August 2019.

9th Dec 2019 | Case comment
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