IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive is the collective initiative of the intellectual property (IP) professions to encourage diversity and inclusion.

CITMA Benevolent Fund

We provide support for members of the trade mark profession and their families during times of financial hardship via our Benevolent Fund.


LawCare is the charity that promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing across the legal community in the UK and Ireland.

Jonathan's Voice

Jonathan’s Voice aims to improve mental health throughout the IP professions.



Supporting non-traditional families

A new network supporting those in non-traditional families with practical advice and the opportunity to share experiences has been launched by IP Inclusive.

13th Oct 2021 | News

Report sets out compelling case for action on mental health

LawCare’s chair expresses hope for ‘meaningful, long-lasting change’ in approach to mental health and wellbeing following study into mental health in the legal profession.

11th Oct 2021 | News

Promoting diversity & inclusion in law – becoming an Appointed Person

“If you are interested in the judiciary in any capacity, becoming an Appointed Person is a uniquely good first step.”

30th Sep 2021 | Feature

In support of intersectionality

A range of communities can help address life’s complexity, explains Andrea Brewster.

19th Aug 2021 | CITMA Review feature

D&I Made Easy

Five proven and practical ideas for increasing diversity in your firm.

19th Aug 2021 | CITMA Review feature

Why do we have a benevolent fund?

A safety net for you, your family and your colleagues, our Benevolent Fund has supported people in our profession financially when they most needed it.

13th Aug 2021 | Feature

How can we build a more supportive and inclusive environment?

“The task for everyone, straight or not, is to make sure that the culture of the firm is as welcoming, inclusive and warm as possible so people feel able to say something about themselves.”

24th Jun 2021 | Feature

Practical steps to implement better mental health support

Supporting mental health in the workplace is a duty and responsibility for employers, yet many organisations find it difficult to know where to start.

14th May 2021 | Feature

How to create a workplace that supports mental health

How can senior leaders in IP implement strategies that create a healthy workplace for colleagues? A new guide from mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice shares some best practice.

19th Mar 2021 | News

Choose to challenge: taking the initiative

Challenging obstacles to career progression for women, our International Women’s Day panel challenged and laid out some ideas for things that need to change in the IP sector.

11th Mar 2021 | Feature

Pushing back on perfectionism and presenteeism

“Don’t feel guilty about taking time off. It is the responsible thing to do.” We take a look at how to remedy some of the situations that can make it hard for us to switch off from work.

22nd Feb 2021 | Feature

IP Inclusive: How inclusive are you?

There’s an easy to way to learn where your organisation stands on diversity, explains Andrea Brewster.

11th Feb 2021 | CITMA Review feature

Providing support for anxiety

LawCare provided emotional support to some 1,000 legal professionals in the past year, with anxiety accounting for a rise in calls to the support service.

3rd Feb 2021 | News

Banishing Blue Monday

Practical strategies to help you manage and protect your mental health and promote positive wellbeing in yourself and those around you.

19th Jan 2021 | Feature

Perspective: Focus on faith

Colin Bailey challenges us all to engage with the subject of culture and belief in the workplace

30th Nov 2020 | CITMA Review feature

Normalising the conversation

Understand how to recognise the signs of poor mental health and be confident enough to address it by reading the latest guide by mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice.

10th Nov 2020 | News

Combating Zoom fatigue

What changes can you make to improve the way you feel at work and why you’re not alone when you feel drained after a day of Zoom, Skype or Teams.

25th Oct 2020 | Feature

Staying motivated at work

We investigate how you can bring more meaning and motivation to your day-to-day work.

25th Oct 2020 | Feature

Open for business

A recent boost to social mobility in IP may have come from an unexpected quarter.

19th Oct 2020

We need to talk about bias

Let’s find ways to turn it to our advantage, says Andrea Brewster.

19th Oct 2020

Break your silence

Everyone must be a proactive ally if we are to put an end to racism, writes Hannah Burrows.

1st Sep 2020

Peer power

Elizabeth Rimmer outlines the value of emotional support service.

1st Sep 2020

Making menopause manageable

Mandy Laurie offers some observations on supporting employees through this natural (but not yet normalised) process

20th Jul 2020

First things first

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the vital role of first responders in safeguarding our society, but don’t ignore their importance in your organisation too.

20th Jul 2020

A question of Pride

Support for diversity and inclusion or simply opportunistic “rainbow-washing”? What does the adoption of the rainbow mean for the credibility of an iconic symbol?

8th Jun 2020