How to use your Chartered status

The term ‘chartered’ is well known as a symbol of trust and excellence - we encourage our fully qualified members to use the term to demonstrate the value our profession brings to business in the UK and across the globe.

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We have a long standing history of promoting, supporting and bringing recognition to the work and role of trade mark attorneys, and this is the latest development of the profession. As a chartered body we have an even better platform from which to continue the work we do.

Make your Chartered status work hard for you

The term ‘chartered’ is well known as a symbol of trust and excellence – use it wherever you can. CITMA will be working hard to ensure the benefit of using the services of a CITMA member is known and the value our profession brings to business in the UK and across the globe.

If you have a public profile on your firm’s website, ensure your title is updated. While you are online update your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles too.

Make sure your business cards and email signature use your title. If you are an Ordinary member, Fellow, or corporate Honorary member of CITMA you can use the title Chartered Trade Mark Attorney.

Promote your profession

Together our profession is stronger. Use every opportunity to talk about the work you do and use your title when you do.

Communication is key – take on opportunities to write blogs, articles, tweets, LinkedIn posts and more and sharing your expertise and thought leadership in the process. These can be internally on your firm’s website, or externally for news outlets, magazines, blogs and of course social media.

Speaking slots at seminars and conferences are another great way to promote you, your firm and the profession.

By using your title you are helping to promote the profession, and when you combine this with your expert commentary it reinforces the messaging around our profession, and the value it brings.

Keep your details up-to-date

Did you know there were more than 20,000 searches made on the CITMA online ‘find an expert’ tool in 2017?

The CITMA public search tool is a destination for businesses and individuals looking for guidance with their trade marks and designs. It’s not just CITMA who actively directs people to it, the IPO does too.

If you are a chartered practitioner in private practice the CITMA online search tool is an important business development stream for you.

Make sure your details are up-to-date. You can check and update your details by logging in to your CITMA website account.

Use your title

Titles are an important indicator of quality as well as who we are and what we do. They help define us.

Ordinary members, Fellows and corporate Honorary can use the title Chartered Trade Mark Attorney. Members in these categories will also be on the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys.

Members in the Affiliate, Allied, Associate, CITMA Paralegal, Overseas, Student, Honorary (non-corporate) and Retired categories are all able to use the designation: Member of The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

Click here for more information on titles and the Royal Charter