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Select Your Membership category

Please select which Membership category you would like to register for. Some Membership categories can have additions that will be presentend to you before you proceed to next step of your registration. You will then be asked to enter any details required to register for that Membership category, and pay any membership fees.




8 Month(s)

Passed Trade Mark Administrators qualification exams and support of 2 Corporate Members of CITMA



8 Month(s)

UK Barrister or solicitor who is engaged in practice as a Trade Mark Attorney or Agent + two years’ full time practice in the field of IP and support of 2 Corporate Members of CITMA



8 Month(s)

Not a Trade Mark attorney or Agent but associated with the Trade Mark profession and support of 2 Corporate Members of CITMA



8 Month(s)

Qualified as a Trade Mark Attorney and listed on the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys.



8 Month(s)

Practicing or engaged in the trade mark profession or work for a Trade Mark Attorney outside the UK and support of 2 Corporate Members of CITMA.



This membership is required so that visitors to the website can book onto events and purchase items from the Shop. Visitors must Sign-up before booking on an event or buying from the shop.



8 Month(s)

Aspiring Trade Mark Attorney with the support of 1 Corporate Member of CITMA.