Learn and challenge yourself on key practice points when handling claims before the IPEC and High Court from experienced litigators.

If you conduct litigation or this is an area you want to explore further, this in-depth seminar is for you.

This seminar will take place online on Wednesday 3rd and 10th November between 12pm and 2.15pm.

Key discussion areas will include:

  • Estoppel and abuse of process in IP litigation.
  • The new Business and Property Court trial witness statement regime, PD57AC.
  • The uses of “further information” under CPR Part 18.
  • IP issues relating to parallel importation and repackaging post-Brexit and how to frame corresponding claims. 
  • IP issues relating to comparative advertising and business protection claims post-Brexit and how to frame corresponding claims.
  • Procedures for ending litigation.

Our expert speakers will include members of the independent bar and experienced litigation solicitors.

The seminar is pitched at those with all levels of litigation experience. There will be ample opportunity for interaction and questions throughout the seminar.

Learning outcomes:

  • Uncover the post-Brexit position regarding exhaustion.
  • Understand the importance of comparative advertising and when it is actionable.
  • Ensure you know how to end litigation before judgment and final order.
  • Be up to date on the new Business and Property Courts trial witness statement regime PD57AC.
  • Understand the importance of related UK IPO (or older EUIPO) proceedings to court.
  • Know when to request “further information” under Part 18.

This webinar supports skill set 2: IP litigation and enforcement of the Advanced Competency Framework.

The full list of speakers and final programme will be announced in due course.


CITMA member (until 1st October) - £140
Standard (until 1st October) - £180

CITMA member (after 1st October) - £165
Standard (after 1st October) - £205

To note

  • Payment online via debit or credit card only; proforma invoices are not available.
  • Full terms and conditions apply.
  • Closing date: 9am, Friday 29th October 2021.