Please note, this webinar is now taking place on the 8th December. The timings will remain the same. 

Enhance your ability to advise UK entities on how to do business in the US with our deep dive into the specifics of US trade mark law.

This talk will encompass a variety of key aspects for supporting UK based clients in the US market, including use-in-commerce as a predicate for trade mark rights under US trade mark law.

It will also identify the five bases for filing a US trade mark application and outline the differences between use-based common law rights versus registered rights.

You will develop your understanding of the differences between remedies, jurisdiction and the likelihood of confusion standards in the US trade mark office, in comparison to civil court proceedings.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge on how to advise UK entities doing business in the US
  • Understanding of the US focus on use-based rights as opposed to registered rights 
  • Develop crucial knowledge around the differences between the US trade mark office and civil court proceedings.

This webinar supports skill set 1 IP prosecution and validity of the Advanced Competency Framework.

Meet your speakers

Martin Schwimmer 
Martin is a partner in the Trademark and Copyright Practice Group at Leason Ellis, and has been practiced IP law for over thirty years. 

He litigates in U.S. federal district and appellate courts, and in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. 

He manages global trademark portfolios, and counsels ventures including Fortune 100 companies.

Marty is also the publisher of The Trade Mark Blog.

John Welch
John joined Wolf, Greenfield and Sacks in 2015, representing clients in IP disputes across the US.

He has handled hundreds of opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is responsible for the international trademark portfolios of a number of major companies. 

John has been the publisher of the TTABlog for 17 years. 


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