If harnessed correctly, AI provides a powerful tool to combine disparate data, process large data sets, counter potential biases and find actionable insights.

During this webinar, we will introduce some high level concepts of AI and examine their potential in the world of IP, including examining the current landscapes.

From this global context, we will then dive into the practical applications by showcasing how AI-enhanced Watching can help inform opposition and brand protection strategies.

Our speakers will go on to share an overview of the evolution of AI applications within Clarivate's products and services. As well as providing key insights into the development process of these technologies.

The webinar will close with some valuable real life examples of Clarivate's new solution: Trade Mark Watch Analyzer.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Learn more of how AI can be deployed, from generative tech to predictive algorithms.
  • Discover how AI can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and help provide confident insights.
  • Uncover how AI techniques and methods are already blended into the watching process.

Meet your speakers:

Stephen DeLacy, Director of Product Management, Clarivate

stephen de lacey.jpg

Stephen DeLacy is Director of Product Management at Clarivate leading the trade mark Watch solution product team. Stephen specializes in trademark watching and monitoring solutions and brings over 20 years of experience in data management and integration roles. With an outside-in approach to product development, Stephen employs design thinking strategies to ensure customer feedback is directly integrated into our product suite. He is the lead product owner of the Trademark Watch Analyzer and works with a team of trademark and AI experts to bring this new product to life.

Arun Hill, Senior Consultant, Clarivate  

Arun hill.jpg

Arun is a Senior Consultant within Clarivate’s Intelligence Consulting service, and a key thought leader in the Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research™. Arun has a background in law, with a postgraduate master’s degree in information technology law with a focus on AI, as well as a postgraduate certificate in Public Policy Analysis. Particular areas of research interest include 10 years of experience in intelligence consulting, as well as ethical-legal issues in innovation and technology development. Arun is the lead author of the 2024 Top 100 Global Innovators™ report, as well as Clarivate publications on AI in IP practice.


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CITMA does not endorse any third parties that use our promotion channels. We are a not for profit organisation, advertising revenues go towards funding our services.