13.09.2017 - CITMA Webinar - 'Trade marks and EU competition law'

12.09.2017 - CITMA Lecture - Leeds 'The afterlife of brands: Trade mark registrations and insolvency': Barbara Cookson's slides, Tim Pope's slides, Tim Pope's handouts.

06.09.2017 - CITMA Lecture – Manchester: ‘Parallel imports – now and in a post-Brexit world’

18.07.2017 - CITMA Lecture - London 'We turn the cube and it twists us. 12 months of European puzzles'

11.07.2017 - CITMA Lecture - Birmingham 'ASA complaints – tactical tool to provide advantage in trade mark disputes. Are you doing everything you can to give the client the strongest position?'

27.06.2017 - CITMA Lecture - Bristol 'A sovereign affair - an update and commentary on the Royal Mint and other cases and some evidentiary tips and tactics'. The notes can be downloaded here.

16.05.2017 - CITMA Lecture - London - 'Copyright law refresher'

25.04.2017 - CITMA Lecture - London 'Parallel Imports – now and in a Post Brexit World'

06.04.2017 - CITMA Lecture - Birmingham 'Recent developments in design law and the impact Brexit may have on design protection and enforcement'

30.03.2017 - CITMA/CIPA Lecture - Leeds 'Argos v Argos – blurred lines clarified in the battle for clicks and the online space'

22.02.2017 - CITMA Webinar 'US trade marks - TTAB disputes, an overview and update'

21.02.2017 - CITMA Lecture - London 'Trade marks in the digital domain'

24.01.2017 - CITMA January London evening meeting 2017 'Brand valuation: fact or fiction?'

10.01.2017 - CITMA North East CPD Talk 'Update on the registration of non-traditional trade marks'