How to earn CPD in lockdown

5th May 2020

Expand your knowledge as a CITMA Paralegal while earning CPD wherever you are.

We realise circumstances may have changed recently for a lot of our CITMA Paralegal members. We want to reassure you that there are still plenty of ways that you can develop, learn and earn CPD with us.

Watch a past event

You can earn CPD by watching any of our event recordings, including those that are not specific to CITMA Paralegals.

We have made past events available for you to watch at your leisure on our event videos and presentations page.

If you have already attended the event or have watched the recording before, you can revisit them to refresh your memory.

Personal study

Our case comments are available to you online or in our CITMA Review for you to expand your knowledge and earn CPD at your leisure.

Check the case comments section on our website regularly for new case comments and online exclusives.

Attend a virtual event

We are working hard to ensure there are plenty of virtual events including those just for our CITMA Paralegal members that you can tune into and earn CPD.

Check our events calendar to see our upcoming events so you can stay updated with the latest from around the profession.

Read CITMA Parelagal CPD guidelines

If you think you’ve done something recently in your role as a CITMA Paralegal that could be counted as CPD, have a look at our CPD guidelines.

Don’t forget to record your CPD hours

Download our template to record and keep track of your CPD hours so you can easily submit your CPD when we contact you.

Develop, learn and earn CPD wherever you are through our website and resources.

If you would like to be part of our CITMA Paralegal CPD scheme and are not already please get in touch.