Our interactive introduction to trade mark administration and formalities will give new recruits and those unfamiliar with trade mark formalities a grounding in the important aspects required. 

Delivered on demand, we cover the lifecycle of a trade mark, record keeping, searching and the trade mark registration process amongst other aspects. 

Intended for new formalities staff with less than six months’ experience, the interactive course will take participants through a series of activities and scenarios that bring the world of trade marks to life. 

Taking this course will complement internal ‘on-the-job’ training, rather than replace it. 

After registering you will receive a link to log on and complete the course at your convenience. The course itself will take one to two hours for you to complete and you will have continued access to it for the next eight weeks. 

Once you have completed all the units you will unlock a ten question quiz – get 80% or more correct and you’ll pass. If you don’t complete it first time you may wish to revisit a few of the units before taking it again – you have an unlimited number of attempts. 

Passing the quiz will allow you to download and print your own personalised certificate to demonstrate that you completed the training with an understanding of trade mark formalities.  

The course is made up of 10 units:

  1. Welcome
  2. What is a trade mark?
  3. The lifecycle of a trade mark
  4. Selection and searching
  5. The register of trade marks
  6. Filing
  7. Prosecution and registration
  8. Post-registration
  9. Overseas trade marks
  10. Summary and next steps

The course will cost £95 per participant – this is an introductory rate. Once registered you have eight weeks to complete the course.