This is a follow-up event to the North of England and Midlands networks’ June 2020 “Allies” event where representatives from all five of the IP Inclusive networking and support communities provided insights into the issues faced by those they represent and thoughts on how we can all be better allies to those groups. (You can read a report of the event here, and access a podcast version – written and recorded by North of England committee member Joanna Thurston – here.)

One thing which was highlighted at that event was the need for greater awareness and understanding of the issues faced by those in the five communities. As we all know, we get better understanding on a topic or subject through asking questions and reflecting on the answers we receive.

Our recent “Ask Me Anything” survey has prompted a number of those questions which many of us have wanted to ask a colleague or someone else but didn’t know how to frame it correctly so chickened out so as not offend anyone. There has been a wide range of topics to explore, some specific to particular communities and others seeking more general advice on how to be a better ally.

During this event, the answers to the questions submitted in the survey will be given by the relevant community or communities, with opportunity for follow-up discussion afterwards. This hour-long lunchtime event will provide valuable insight as well as practical tips to help us all support each other more confidently and effectively and to be better allies.

This event is open to all IP professionals and will be hosted via Zoom. Click here to register or email [email protected] and you will be sent an invitation.

We look forward to seeing you there!