Menopause or peri-menopause – what is the difference, how is it diagnosed and why does it matter? From crippling brain fog to unexplained weight gain, morning anxiety and embarrassing hot flushes, this webinar will tackle the questions you REALLY want to ask.

Join menopause specialist Sam Palmer as she takes us on a humorous journey to answer many menopause questions and give sensible actionable advice. Sam is a qualified nurse with over 20 years of experience delivering workplace training and 9 years working with women in menopause. Her workshops are interactive, science-backed and fun, resulting in a greater understanding of managing menopause at work, a better understanding of the symptoms and how they show up in the workplace and greater awareness for managers and staff.

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Meet the speaker

Sam Palmer is the creator and founder of Midlife Makeover – an online community where women can access Menopause Fitness and Lifestyle support.

Sam’s career started in the NHS where she qualified as a nurse eventually working as a Sister in Neonatal Intensive Care. Becoming a mother led her to look for work that didn’t involve night duty but did include her love of teaching so having qualified as a teacher, Sam left the NHS to work in Further Education.

A desire to do things “her way” inspired Sam and a colleague to become their own boss and set up their own company delivering First Aid training, both in the workplace and to private individuals. Not content with one business, Sam turned her passion for running into something that would, unbeknown to her, go on to touch the lives of many thousands of women.

She trained as a running coach and set up a fitness club exclusively for women in Sevenoaks, Kent. In 2014 Sam was voted UK Coach of the year by UK and has won many other local awards for her tireless work helping women.

Sam launched Midlife Makeover in 2014 and to date has supported thousands of women via an online platform to make simple proven lifestyle changes. Online programmes include Move Over Menopause and Menopause Fitness classes.

Now post menopause Sam is still running and often found out walking with her dog or cooking up a healthy brownie with chickpeas or beans – probably to go with her favourite drink of Champagne!

Who's it for?

This event is for all UK-based IP professionals. Everyone is welcome and everyone stands to benefit, regardless of age, gender or professional role.


This event is free. So are all IP Inclsuive resources. If you enjoy the event please consider contributing. For more information, visit the IP Inclusive fundraising page.