Edward Brightly of Stobbs IP will highlight regional requirements for trade mark renewals, allowing you to approach different markets with ease.

Attending this webinar will offer you insight on how to work with the various languages, levels of digitisation and systems for completion of renewals that you may encounter across the continent.

You will also learn about the importance of reliable local agents to assist with navigating practice and procedure.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the intricacies of African trade mark markets
  • Appreciate the differences between these markets and how you can work with local agents to achieve success

This webinar supports skill set 9: trade marks: renewals of the CITMA Paralegal competency framework.

Meet your speaker

Edward Brightly is an IA paralegal within the renewals team at Stobbs IP.

Prior to joining Stobbs, he worked for six years as legal manager responsible for IP at a boutique Nigerian based law firm with offices in London. Here he gained extensive experience working across Sub-Saharan Africa registering and renewing patents, trade marks and the occasional industrial designs.

He has previously worked as a Trade Mark Attorney in Jamaica and is a former registrar of industrial property.

He also previously advised the Jamaican government as Executive Director of the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office on IP law.

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