We will explore exactly what ambush marketing means, and the different forms that it can take, to build your awareness of the context surrounding this topic.

We will also identify the questions with may be raised by ambush marketing techniques, and the potential problems which may arise from an IP perspective.

With the Olympics on the horizon, the webinar will set out the protections against ambush marketing that can be granted to specific events, with a focus on the Olympics itself. This will entail relevant case law from the last few years, showing what legal protection against ambush marketing may look like in practice.

You will leave with an understanding of how your clients can execute ambush marketing techniques in a pragmatic and straightforward manner.

This webinar supports skill set 2.8 online monitoring and enforcement of the Advanced Competency Framework

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of what constitutes ambush marketing
  • Explore practical tips around how to avoid inadvertently falling fowl of ambush marketing rules
  • Appreciate the challenges for clients in balancing traditional and innovative marketing approached

Meet your speaker

Richard Reeve-Young, Deloitte Legal

Richard RY

Richard is a senior IP lawyer at Deloitte Legal. Richard specialises in the strategic protection and enforcement of brands and designs.

As a founder of an AI backed design right infringement monitoring service, he has particular expertise in enforcement across digital channels.

Richard’s client base mainly comprises global brands, retailers and luxury fashion houses.

His expertise includes advising clients on brand ambassador agreements and large retailers on marketing campaigns, both of which involve the inadvertent risk of ambush marketing when large scale events such as the Olympics are in town. 


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