Even when a client does not own GIs, understanding their potential impact is crucial.

We will investigate the benefits – and hidden pitfalls – of GIs.

Using real-life examples to demonstrate the key points in this area, you will leave with the confidence to represent your clients will in the GI context.

We will also investigate the current situation for Northern Ireland, ensuring you are equipped to advise clients based anywhere in the UK.

While a GI registration only covers food and drink products, use of an identical similar mark on e.g. services could nonetheless infringe a GI. We will identify what may count as infringement and explore the importance of searching the Register of GIs.

Finally, we will discuss questions regarding the future of GI protection for craft and industrial products in the UK.

This webinar supports skill set: 1.6 Alternative IP rights of the Advanced Competency Framework.

Learning outcomes

  • The dangers of “evoking” a GI mark
  • Understand the anomaly whereby EU, rather than UK, GIs are binding on Northern Ireland.
  • Explore concrete examples of the very broad interpretation of GI protection in decisions

Meet your speaker

David Birchall: Venner Shipley LLP

david birchall.png

David Birchall is a UK solicitor (non–practising) and a Chartered UK Trade Mark Attorney.

He has been working in the field of trade marks since 2000.

David is a member of Marques Geographical Indications Team.


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