Here in the UK’s IP professions, we’re doing what we can to improve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

But we operate within a global IP system. The guardians of that system – the intellectual property offices – have their own role in ensuring that its many different users have equal access to IP protection and to appropriate professional advice.

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So what are the IP offices doing? What steps are they taking to improve diversity among IP rights holders? How can we work with them to widen accessibility of the IP frameworks we cohabit? And what can we learn from the measures they’re taking to promote inclusion among their own staff and nurture diversity throughout the IP ecosystem?

Representatives from the UK IPO, EPO, WIPO, EUIPO and USPTO will be sharing updates and ideas in a lively panel discussion, chaired by the inimitable Gwilym Roberts of “Two IPs in a Pod” fame. Andrea Brewster from IP Inclusive will speak about its role in the UK’s IP professions, and there’ll be a chance for you to add your own views to the discussion about more holistic approaches to EDI.

Our panellists are:

This online event is led by IP Inclusive’s senior leaders’ think tank, but is open to all IP Inclusive supporters.