Our IP Inclusive menopause “village” is growing and providing a supportive forum for those impacted by menopause and perimenopause.

This month, we are hosting another “Menopause Matters” coffee date-style gathering on the theme of  “Supporting the (peri)menopause community”. The (peri)menopause community includes those experiencing perimenopause or menopause as well as those who support family, friends or colleagues who are experiencing it.

In small breakout rooms we’ll provide a safe space to discuss experiences of and ideas for supporting everyone in the menopause community. Whether you have knowledge or experience to share, have questions, want to pick up tips, or simply want to listen to learn more out of interest, then you are welcome to join us.

Who's it for?

Our “Menopause Matters” get-togethers are for everyone who works in the UK’s IP sector.

All genders and all ages are welcome, as are people from all roles and career levels. You might be going through (peri)menopause yourself, or already have done so, or just want to know more for the future.

You might be joining us to find out how you can support family, friends and colleagues who are going through (peri)menopause.

Feel free to invite a friend or colleague to come along with you – someone in a different role or at a different career level, perhaps, or a colleague who’s not yet involved with IP Inclusive. They’ll be most welcome!


Please register using this Eventbrite link.