Sally and Nicola are workplace counsellors and experts in workplace mental health. They will introduce the workable ranges visual model for mapping healthy balance and two different types of stress reactions (drawing on the psychophysiology of our nervous systems and the impact on how we feel and we function).

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The model was researched by Sally and was developed by them both with higher education staff and corporate teams to support and improve wellbeing, daily functioning and sustainable work performance.

As well as enabling you to recognise your own signs of balance and imbalance or stress, they will demonstrate how the model can help us to self-regulate and harness our variations in energy and capacity.

Meet the speakers

Dr Sally Rose

Dr Rose is a psychotherapist who specialises in applying attachment and trauma-informed theory and mindfulness-based self-awareness practice to working adults.

She is particularly interested in the regulation of the nervous system which is important for both mental and physical wellbeing is also crucial to managing ourselves and optimising sustainable work performance.

Nicola Neath

Nicola Neath is a BACP Integrative Psychotherapist and trainer, and workplace counselling specialist working in HE and in private practice.

She is co-chair for the Council for Work and Health Mental Health Group. She has published on Relational Ethics; offers advice on national initiatives; written several articles for BACP journals and is regularly invited to speak about Workplace Counselling.

Following the pioneering and successful organisational application of the McCluskey Model at the University of Leeds, she and Una McCluskey published an account of the application and the model in the book titled ‘To be Met as a Person at Work’.

She has a small private practice, which is mainly for supervision and collaborative training. She is passionate about bringing different Psychological perspectives into the workplace.