In a society that often misunderstands and misrepresents disability, this webinar seeks to reshape perspectives as we discuss individuals’ personal relationship with the two terms.

Whether you’re an advocate, ally or someone eager to broaden their understanding, this webinar offers the opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive future.

Let’s embark on a journey of enlightenment, empathy and empowerment as we work to foster a world in which everyone is able to use the language that best fits their own identity when describing themselves.

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Two panellists, Hannah Clifford and Ryan Kelly from the Law Society Disabled Solicitors Network committee will discuss the topic of the stigma associated with the terms ‘disabled’ and ‘disability’. The discussion will be chaired by IP Ability co-lead Marianne Privett of AA Thornton.

Hannah is a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office. She specialises in serious injury and represents claimants who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Hannah is the co-chair of Irwin Mitchell’s internal network for disabled colleagues. Hannah is passionate about disability inclusion and speaks openly about her own experience of living with a disability.

Ryan is an in-house lawyer who qualified in 2014. Ryan joined the Disabled Solicitors Network in 2023 and is registered blind so has first-hand experience of living, studying and working with a disability. Ryan is passionate about equality and diversity and hopes that his experiences will help to  guide and inspire businesses and individuals to embrace their differences.