Sharing tips to ensure safe handling of client data and compliance with GDPR, this session hones a key skill for paralegals.

By offering a plain language overview to the controls and guidance necessary for legal professionals dealing with GDPR in any context, this webinar will ensure that you can build trusted, confident client relationships.

In advance of the talk, you are invited to submit your own questions to tailor the contents covered to your needs.

In particular, our speak will explore how to handle data breaches, retention and disposal, how you can ensure transparency in processing and offer a review of data protection policies and procedures.

This webinar supports skill set 4: Conduct and ethics of the Paralegal Competency Framework

Learning objectives

-    providing verbal checklists and points to consider
-    understanding data breaches, retention and disposal
-    confidence in navigating the details of data handling and GDPR

Meet your speaker

Kellie Peters is Chief Executive at Databasix. She is responsible for ensuring Databasix’ compliance in accordance with corporate / statutory requirements. 

Kellie provides privacy and data protection expertise to clients, working with them to assess and monitor their personal data handling practices, manage compliance and mitigate risks of data breaches. 

At Databasix, Kellie aligns and standardises data models and the associated controlled vocabularies required to harmonise data collection and its use.


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Closing date: 9am,  Thursday 26th May 2022.