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28th Dec 2019


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What would the psychological push be that would enable you to leave your job and find a new one?  Would you need to be dissatisfied with your current position?  Maybe you feel undervalued or underpaid? Or maybe you are happy, in a comfortable rut but perhaps worried about the long-term direction your career is going to take?  Maybe you don’t think moving is realistic at all but you’re reading this nonetheless, your interest piqued.  Can any job advert answer these questions satisfactorily?  Or will it just discuss (sometimes insincerely) the rarity or excellence of the position and firm?  Maybe a job advertisement can’t give you proper answers? Perhaps it’s difficult to encapsulate an opportunity, excellent or not, in simple text or a list of duties, particularly when the name of the firm who is recruiting isn’t revealed.  Why bother with an advertisement at all?  You know everyone, know the firms around you, know who you would and wouldn’t work for.  You will move when you’re good and ready.  This kind of thinking is an obstacle we face when trying to reach you, our potential candidate.  A level of expectation that nothing really will be different, how different can a firm be from the one you’re working for?  What is the point in asking at all?

You might be right.  Maybe the firm we are recruiting for are very similar to the one you’re with?  Maybe the clients they have are in the same sectors?  When you get to the heart of it, could they really be that different?  It is a trade mark attorney they need, not an astronaut with IP skills.  But; and this is important, I would argue that despite the surface level sameness, there is something much deeper going on with this role.  First of all, there is control, autonomy, the power to choose how your career develops.  That does sound a little like hyperbole, I appreciate, but I mean it and can give examples.  They have a demonstrable track record of developing people’s careers.  And I don’t just mean giving them different clients, or allowing them to attend a couple of meetings.  I mean real control, real autonomy.  The power to develop clients that you want to work with, the power to look at new avenues for revenue generation and an easy recognition of success when these ideas pay off.  They’re not perfect, sure, but they do deliver proper opportunities, not platitudes, not me trying to sell something that isn’t really an opportunity more than it is simply a different job.  They might just want you, what harm can it do to call and see if you might want them?  

Candidates will be a qualified Trade Mark Attorney (or a solicitor with a TM prosecution focus) with a level of experience which would allow you to take advantage of the autonomy offered (while still being ably supported by the excellent team around you).  The position is based in Manchester, if that means relocation for you then there will be support for that.

For more information or to apply, please send an email to contact@fellowsandassociates.com or telephone +44 20 7903 5019.

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