CITMA Past President features on careers podcast

15th May 2024

Our Immediate Past President, Rachel Wilkinson-Duffy, has shared her experience on getting into the trade mark field.


Speaking on the “When I Grow Up I Want To Be…” podcast, Rachel shares what her work entails, along with what her career path has looked like.

The podcast aims to demystify a range of more unusual career podcasts.

On the podcast, Rachel also sets out why the work of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney is important, identifying the key role that they can play in securing success for business ventures and in supporting a new idea from the ground up.

Reflecting on the experience of working alongside a developing business, Rachel said “It’s very visionary, in the sense that you get involved with the business and work alongside them as a partner, which is the part of the job I really love”.

With a career path which started as an audio typist for a music licensing company, before making a move into the trade mark profession as a PA, Rachel’s non-traditional journey offers a unique perspective on the available career routes which are possible.

In the podcast, Rachel also reflects on the changes of tone that she has noticed in the legal profession over the span of her career, in particular the shift towards a somewhat more open or welcoming environment.

“The legal industry now is a bit more open about how people feel about things… there is a lot more discussion around that now.”

Rachel served as CITMA’s President from 2022 to 2024, and spearheaded the advent of our new Litigators’ Club alongside many other achievements.

Rachel identified being elected to become CITMA’s President as one of her proudest career moments: “I have so many people to thank for that… It did really feel like a moment to remember.”

To listen to the podcast in full, click here.