INTA moves annual meeting

26th Mar 2020

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has announced that its annual meeting will now take place in November.


The annual meeting which was scheduled to take place in Singapore this April has been moved to November due to the recent pandemic. 

The recent statement from INTA said that the organisation plans to join its annual meeting and leadership meeting together. It will be held in at a venue in the USA.

INTA said:

“While we originally had intended to reschedule the Annual Meeting for May or June, and had planned to launch registration a few weeks ago, we held off because of the fast-moving developments and escalating uncertainty of the public health crisis. We believe that delaying the Meeting until November is the most viable and most judicious decision at this time”.

The exact dates, venue, and registration timeline of the annual meeting and leadership meeting will be announced soon according to the recent statement.

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INTA is relocating its annual meeting

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused INTA to postpone its annual meeting. 

17th Feb 2020 | News